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October 7th
New moon in Libra
October 10th
Potent Crystal Grid Activation-see main article
October 14th
Ambassadors of Light class
October 21st
Orionids meteor shower over three nights
October 22nd
Full moon in Aries
October 28th
Ambassadors of Light class
October 31st
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October 6th 
James Gilliland
"Contact Has Begun" 
Something amazing is unfolding in the sleepy little town of Trout Lake in Washington State. CONTACT HAS BEGUN! Something grand is unfolding, everyone is feeling it, millions know of it, yet just what is it. James Gilliland will describe the UFO phenomena that occur at his ECETI ranch and the nature of the different types of ships that show up. James will explain why it is so important to focus on the spiritual nature of these contacts and how we can communicate with higher dimensional beings from many star systems. James will also discuss the current planetary situation, the shifts that are taking place and how we can best prepare ourselves for what is to come. visit:
 October 13th 
William Henry 
"Freedom's Gate - Light Body Activation"
The mighty Capitol Hill, in the tradition of all holy hills has a temple atop its mount. The Capitol Building is a Temple of Transformation that uses sacred architectural principles to create a magnificent space where heaven and earth unite. It is a STARGATE! Author and investigative mythologist, William Henry will reveal his findings about the Capitol Building and then expand the discussion to include the deepest human yearning; to ACTIVATE the LIGHTBODY, in the same way that Jesus experienced in the TRANSFIGURATION. This is our Sovereign rite as human beings and William will illustrate, using examples, how the ancients created the structures necessary to assist us on this sacred journey.  
    October 20th
     Graham Hancock 
Graham Hancock is the author of the major best sellers, The Sign and The Seal, Fingerprints of the Gods and Heaven's Mirror. While researching his controversial book, "Supernatural" published in 2005, Hancock travelled to the Amazon to drink visionary brew Ayahuasca - the Vine of Souls - used by shamans for more than 4000 years. It was his experiences with the vine that lead to his latest work, Entangled. Written with the same page-turning appeal that has made his non-fiction so popular Entangled is his first novel. It tells the story of a supernatural battle of good against evil fought out across the dimension of time on the human plane. This promises to be a fascinating discussion!
October 27th 
 Patrick Coady 
 "A Paradigm Shift in
This is the second opportunity to hear about "Amized Fusion Technology", as Peter discusses the latest developments involving Amega Global Products with Patrick Coady, a highly knowledgeable and respected associate with the company. He will explain how this technology works and some of the remarkable results that have been achieved. Instantly realizing the possibilities to world health with a technology that awakens the body's own "divine healing ability", Patrick will explain the effective role "Amized Fusion Technology" plays in restoring the human body to homeostasis. Amega Global's products are returning the body to balance so that it can heal itself.  visit:

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Ambassadors of Light
We are pleased to announce that following our very successful, "Awaken To Your True Purpose" teleseminar, we are going to continue building the energy of
our group endeavor through our
Ambassador of Light program.

At this critically important time on
the Planet, we need to stay in touch with and be aware of the rapid changes taking place in the Cosmos.
We will be giving you regular updates and information on what is happening and what we need to do to stay aligned, making our contribution in peace, light and love to the unfolding Divine Plan.
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October 2010  �  Vol. 2  Issue 10
Welcome to inSIGHTS with Peter Tongue

I plan to give you updates on what is happening in the World of Spirit each month as well as brief introductions into articles that I have found useful with references to the full article for those who would like to pursue that topic further.
by Peter Tongue
Well we survived the month of September! The first half saw the kids go back to school after Labor Day during Mercury retrograde which created all sorts of chaos around timetables, course selections and much having to be re-done. I decided to take a holiday and get out of the madness and into the Canadian Wilderness until the dust had settled. What magnificent natural surroundings we are blessed with in the west!
The second half of September brought some powerful energies through the Equinox and full moon coinciding, which once again ignited the major opposition between Saturn with Jupiter and Uranus. If we hadn't already dealt with all of our inner issues, here was the final opportunity to dig deep into our unresolved, unconscious blockages, to heal at a very profound level.
Now we enter into October which promises to be another exciting month. It does for me anyway! I have a fantastic line up of guests for my radio show including three experts who are second to none in their respective spiritual fields. I am really looking forward to interviewing; James Gilliland, William Henry and Graham Hancock. Their show descriptions are elsewhere in this newsletter and I strongly recommend all three shows to you.
The main focus of this article is on October 10th, 2010-the 10:10:10! There have been a series of so called Triple Dates which are all interconnected. They began on Jan 1st.2001- the 1:1:1 followed by Feb 2nd, 2002-2:2:2, March 3rd, 2003-3:3:3 and so on up until Dec 12th, 2012-the 12:12:12. There are therefore twelve of these Triple Dates which are connected to the 144 crystalline grid of the planet.
I don't want to get bogged down with the complexities of this grid, which is a sacred geometric structure with 144 sides. Within this structure are twelve base plates which become activated on each of these Triple Dates. After next week, over 80%of the grid will have been activated with only two dates left. For those of you looking towards Dec.21st 2012, you will realize that the entire crystalline grid will have been activated just in time, to launch the Earth into its new level of consciousness.
 Each year as we pass through the vibration of the Triple Date, the energies become more palpable and stronger. Associated with these dates is the activation of magnificent crystals that have been lying dormant in the Earth in different sacred sites for thousands of years. These activations provide the Earth and humanity the opportunity to become clear, pure and more crystalline in nature.
I have been consciously involved in this activation for many years and engaged in very powerful and sacred ceremony over the 8:8:8(August 8th, 2008) and the 9:9:9(September 9th 2009). Last year saw the activation of an ancient "OM" crystal from Atlantis buried deep in the Earth in Mt. Shasta, California. This year there is a major event taking place in Arkansas where there exists one of the major quartz crystal beds on the planet and James Tyberron of is hosting a three day ceremony which can be attended on line through his website.
If you choose to do something locally or on your own, what should you do? Although the event is an activation of certain crystals, our role is not to activate, but to ALIGN or come in to RESONANCE with the crystals and what is taking place. I suggest going to a beautiful place in nature where there is crystalline rock like granite, quartz or limestone close to flowing water. If you have your own crystals, take them with you. Preferably at 10.10am on Sunday October 10th, create your own little ceremony. Lay out your own sacred space, on your own chosen rock with some form of geometry, 3,4,5,6 or even 10-sided using rocks, stones or crystals. Sit or lie inside the sacred space you have created on your rock, and tune in to the energy of the rock you are in contact with, through the base of your spine or the back of your heart.
You may want to hold some crystals in your hands. Then fine tune your alignment by resonating with the crystalline nature of the rock. Once connected, expand this feeling to all of the crystals of the planet. In this calm, still, place, allow yourself to LET GO of any limiting thoughts from within, EXPAND your awareness through your heart in deep gratitude to the crystalline Earth and experience the BLISS which is now available to you in this quiet reflective state.

Stay in this point of stillness, knowing you are involved in a sacred activity, with thousands of other conscious humans, which is much bigger than any of us can really understand. The planet is TRANSFORMING and you are an integral part of it. Stay in your space for as long as you feel it is necessary. Use your intuition rather than logic for decisions made when in ceremony.
It is a good idea to leave an offering to Mother Earth before you depart your sacred spot. Bury a crystal, sprinkle some tobacco or lavender, something to acknowledge your gratitude for the opportunity to commune with the Earth in your sacred place. Be light and bright and celebrate once complete.
By engaging in a process like this you are now in Conscious Co-Creation with Great Spirit and a welcome addition to the family of light assisting in the Grand Awakening taking place on our SWEET EARTH! 
Monthly Constellation
The Pleiades

The Pleiades or "Seven Sisters" is an open star cluster located in the constellation of Taurus. It can be viewed as a tiny cluster of nine stars(including Mom and Dad!), just above the horizon in the north east sky beyond the full moon in late October. The Pleiades were revered by many ancient civilizations and are considered to be associated with the quality of unconditional love in the heart. October is not much of a month for bright planets, with the brilliant exception of Jupiter which makes up for all of the rest. At dusk Jupiter is already shining in the east-south east, climbing higher later in the evening as it shifts towards the south. Its worth a look down a telescope!

October Book Review
The Secret History of Consciousness
 By Meg Blackburn Losey
meg blackburnThis is a brilliant book! Previously Dr. Meg has written about the psychically gifted children in, "The Children of Now" and "Parenting The Children of Now", but in this book she steps out of the spiritual closet and reveals startling information about her own experiences. She answers questions about the connection between consciousness, sacred geometry, sacred sites and the nature of creation. Dr. Meg invites us to open our minds and heart to the meaning of our shared and hidden history and offers simple meditations that will allow each of us to become conscious of the change we are creating together."

Monthly Animal Totem

Dragonfly medicine is of the dreamtime and the illusionary facade we accept as reality. The powers that be work hard to keep us unconscious.
Dragonfly sees through this. It is the essence of the winds of change, of wisdom and enlightenment.
The Dragonfly is the world of nature spirits, of earth, air, fire and water. It is time for us to return to nature, honor Mother Earth and really connect to our magnificent planet. 
This is our pathway to transformation!