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8.8 Lion's Gate

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New Moon in Leo

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First Day of Ramadan 

Friday, August 20th
 Mercury goes Retrograde

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Full Moon in Pisces

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Unfortunately my Voice America Internet radio show, "Awakening to Conscious Co-Creation", is coming to an end unless a suitable last minute sponsor steps in. The show costs $3,000 to produce a thirteen week series and I have been unable to secure a sponsor for the next series. 
As the show is going off the air, it
will be important to download any archived shows you wish to keep,
as all shows will be unavailable
after August 6th.  You will be able
to access selected shows on our Ambassadors of Light program offered at: 
I am still interested in hosting a spiritual awakening radio show
and so do let me know of any opportunities that are available. I do love doing the shows and I do believe that they are of great value to our awakening humanity.

Crystal Connections
Boji Stones 
The boji  (boh-ji) stone aligns all of the subtle bodies and both balances and aligns the chakras.  It is useful for removal of energy blockages.  The crystallization mineral within the boji stone is said to be "pyrite."  The smoother stone is being defined as female, and the more heavily crystallized stone defined as male.  It has strong healing properties and also facilitates the growth of plants, and telepathic communication.  Astrological Signs of Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo and Taurus.  Vibrates to the numbers 1 and 9.

Ambassadors of Light
We are pleased to announce that following our very successful, "Awaken To Your True Purpose" teleseminar, we are going to continue building the energy of
our group endeavor through our
Ambassador of Light program.

At this critically important time on
the Planet, we need to stay in touch with and be aware of the rapid changes taking place in the Cosmos.
We will be giving you regular updates and information on what is happening and what we need to do to stay aligned, making our contribution in peace, light and love to the
unfolding Divine Plan.
Our first FREE one hour teleclass takes place on Thursday August 5th at 5.30pm. Please go to
for further details and to register
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August 2010  �  Vol. 2  Issue 8
Welcome to inSIGHTS with Peter Tongue

I plan to give you updates on what is happening in the World of Spirit each month as well as brief introductions into articles that I have found useful with references to the full article for those who would like to pursue that topic further.
Dog Days of Summer
by Peter Tongue

Have you ever wondered where "Dog Days of Summer" originates? We are certainly in its throes now in the searing dry heat of early August in the northern hemisphere.
The dog referred to is the "Dog Star", Sirius, which makes its return, rising on the eastern horizon, conjunct the Sun between July 31st and August 7th depending upon the latitude where you live.
Sirius was sacred to the ancient Egyptians and so it was a cause for great concern when it disappeared below the western horizon. Its return seventy days later, rising in the east with the Sun in early August was cause for great celebration as it coincided with the annual flooding of the Nile and the beginning of the fertile growing season on which they relied.
The return of Sirius was so important that the Egyptian initiation rites of passage took place during its absence
co-creating consciously with it, whilst hidden, to produce an abundant harvest.
Sirius was a representation of Isis, the sacred feminine and Spiritual Sun, so that when it rose with our physical (masculine) Sun the energies of both were intensified.
This occasion still has great significance today and is called the 8:8 Lions Gate - a Portal of Accelerated Awakening.
Our first Ambassadors of Light presentation on Thursday, August 5th at 5:30pm will go further into the relevance of this to us and how we can use this knowledge to our advantage on our awakening path.
Many of you will know that my daughter, Angela, was married to Cameron Fraser on Saturday July 24th. It was obviously a very proud day for all of the parents, but there was another very important element to the day that I want to mention.
Angela and Cameron are both on a committed spiritual path and between them consciously co-created a matrimonial ceremony that crossed many boundaries of religious belief.

The root of this ceremony was heart-centered love, inclusive of everyone, no matter what your belief system. The response of those in attendance clearly indicated that we can transcend our differences when we focus on what is really important and what we can commonly agree upon: Principles of LOVE, HARMONY, RESPECT, PEACE and GOODWILL.

It felt like a template for our way of living in the New World. It felt really good AND we had a great time!!!!!!!!!!!

Monthly Constellation
The Queen Star of Late Summer

Summer Triangle

The Queen Star of Late Summer, VEGA, is the brightest star that ever passes nearly straight overhead. Vega is the highest apex of the big summer triangle and is part of the LYRA- the Lyre- Constellation.

The ancient harp like Lyre is usually said to represent Orpheus, the greatest of musicians in Greek mythology. Lyra appears as a triangle of stars including Vega linked to a parallelogram of stars.
For the planets this month,Venus shines low in the west during twilight with Mars and Saturn accompanying, in changing patterns, over the course of the month. Jupiter rises in the east during twilight and shines prominently in the south-east by late evening.
August Book Review
The Poet Prince  by Kathleen McGowan
The Poet PrinceThe third book in the series of books by Kathleen McGowan following "The Expected One" and "The Book of Love". The books should be read in order and are all highly recommended.
The Poet Prince explores the early Italian Renaissance,
tracing the sacred blood lineage through the godfather of the period, Lorenzo de' Medici.
The Renaissance comes vividly to life as clues contained in the great masterpieces of Donatello Boticelli and Michaelangelo are revealed, to those who have "eyes to see and ears to hear".
A spiritual detective story also revealing the mystery behind the "Spear of Destiny" that pierced Christ's side.
Monthly Animal Totem
Raven - Magic
When you see or hear Raven it means that magic is in the air. It is
powerful medicine which gives you the courage to enter the darkness
of the void, which is the home of all that is not yet in form. Raven
harbingers a change in consciousness- the opportunity to see and
experience a little more of life's magic.
Do not try to figure out the magic: you cannot. It is the power of the
unknown at work AND something special is about to happen
when RAVEN appears.