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May 5th
John Major Jenkins
 "Alignment 2012
The Tipping Point"

With all of the focus and often contradictory information around December 21st, 2012, Peter will discuss with John Major Jenkins the key controversies and enigmas surrounding this date, how we can cut through all of the noise and gain true wisdom from Maya teachings about our present moment in history. John will explain how the early Maya devised the calendar that gives us the cycle ending in 2012 and how it works. Join us in our discussion of the December Solstice Sun  and Galactic Center Alignment, which occurs for the first time in 26,000 years. 

May 12th
Bruce Rawles
  "Cosmic Laws, Geometric Metaphors, and the
Lucid Experience of
Non-dual Forgiveness"

Since the beginning of time, there have been cosmic laws that govern all life from quarks to galaxies.

Two world views; one of wholeness and inclusion, and the other, which permeates most of our thinking in both obvious and insidious ways, deals with separation, differences, specialness and exclusion. We have the power to choose - moment to moment - which thought system

we want to use. Symbolic indicators in the material world in geometric form can be metaphoric reminders to choose the inclusive thought system which helps us forgive our misperceptions and ditch the victimizing, dysfunctional practice of blame, bringing our prodigal selves to lasting serenity.

May 19th
Dannion Brinkley
"Spiritual Mastery in
Shifting Times"
Dannion Brinkley will share invaluable information about these times of unprecedented physical
and spiritual change. Never before have we played such an imperative and critical role in helping to shift and elevate mass consciousness.
As we come to understand the multidimensional universe existing within and around us, we all become individually responsible for our collective ascension into higher levels of light and galactic awareness. This is indeed the time long heralded by the ancient prophets, as the End Times. But what is ending is not the world. What is ending is a world motivated by greed, fueled with intolerance, and driven in chaos. Together, we are birthing the Golden Age of Peace.

 May 26th

Freddy Silva
"Coding The Earth

Peter discusses with Freddy Silva temples, oracles and sacred sites left behind by ancient civilizations that were able to maintain their cultures in perfect equilibrium for thousands of years. These sacred sites are speaking, a mythical invisible spirit of place aware of our presence and purpose. Eventually we realize that we can engage our connection to the unseen realms and alter our consciousness to gain knowledge and insight. The discussion will include sacred spaces created by stone circles, Gothic Cathedrals, Pyramids and crop circles.

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March 2010  �  Vol. 2  Issue 3
Welcome to inSIGHTS with Peter Tongue

I plan to give you updates on what is happening in the World of Spirit each month as well as brief introductions into articles that I have found useful with references to the full article for those who would like to pursue that topic further.
Awaken To Your True Purpose

7-Weeks to Attract Miracles and Magic into Your Life

"Gain a profound understanding of the human
condition and make a difference in the World in
ways most people don't even know exist!"

My main newsletter article this month is going to be a little different. I have come to the realization that it is time for me to share all that I have learned about the intended development of the human being.

Having spent thirty years of my life working this out, I now know that a magnificent shift is upon us and we need to prepare ourselves for it. You don't have thirty years to prepare because the time is NOW!

I have every confidence that we have a wonderful future ahead of us so long as we attend to some really important tasks.

My intention is to offer a seven week teleseminar class to reveal all that I've learned about the coming changes and what we need to do in our lives to be fully aligned and ready to play our part.

There are four levels on which we need to operate and master.

The first is our own INNER WORLD. One of the realizations that I have had over the last few years has been the awareness that the majority of people on the planet are making daily decisions about their lives unconsciously. These are usually the result of automatic reactions to life situations based upon early childhood programming. Just consider for a moment all of the repeating patterns that keep coming up in your life. Do you sometimes wonder how you made a really important decision in your life? Why you react so strongly to certain people or situations? Continually sabotage your great potential?

We need to gain a clear understanding of these patterns and become fully conscious of what we are doing and why. 

These unconscious reactions can often spill over into our relationships with family, friends and our fellow workers. As we become aware of our inner repeating patterns, we can see how this impacts those around us.

This leads us into the second level of awareness which is our RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHERS. It becomes necessary to shift into our heart-center and recognize that we are all interconnected and on the same team called humanity.

Once relationships have been mastered, we can then focus our attention on our larger community. This can be the COMMUNITY in which we live, work or connect. Here we shift to a place of collaboration rather than competition, recognizing that by working together, we can consciously create something special.

The final step is to take this mutual support on to a GLOBAL scale. This may seem too big a challenge, but it isn't. There are already millions of people across the planet ready to take this step and make this change. We can quickly establish large numbers of people connected through this common goal.

My own belief is that we have no choice. These steps must be achieved if humanity is going to make the transition into the next level of evolution.

In many parts of the world, corruption, greed and looking after number one have become the norm. This approach is not sustainable. It will lead to inevitable collapse like many other human civilizations of the past. We have the opportunity to begin anew and consciously create a new balanced golden era of peace by working together for the greater good of all.

Fortunately ancient civilizations and new science are giving us the tools and insights to bring this about. The ancients left us clues and codes in symbols. We will discover what their common message was by studying ancient megalithic sites and cultures. Understanding the new sciences of quantum physics and epigenetics, empowers us to take full responsibility for our own success and well being.

Together, we will navigate this seven week process to gain mastery of our own lives in preparation for our role as ambassadors of light in the world to come.

You will have the opportunity to interact live on the Wednesday teaching class. On Saturday mornings we will be hosting a live coaching, question and answer call where participants will be able to interact with me personally. If you are interested and want to know more, please submit your e-mail address to sign up for the FREE introductory teleclass, which will take place at 5.30pm PDT on Wednesday, May 26th  and/or to reserve space for the 7-week Awaken to Your True Purpose teleseminar starting June 2nd.

Submit your e-mail addresses and/or inquires to Charly Baron at [email protected]

Monthly Constellation
The Great Square of Pegaus


Looking east just before dawn in early May, the great square of Pegasus can be found by following the line from the pointers of the Big Dipper through Polaris and then twice as far as Polaris on the other side. These four stars represent the winged horse's body. In mythology, Pegasus sprung from the blood of Medusa after Perseus killed her and became the white horse on which Zeus travelled. Pegasus represents the restoration of the memory concerning who we are, where we come from, and where we are going. In other words, "Our Awakening!"

This is a great time to view Saturn's rings through a telescope high in the south around nightfall. Jupiter shines brightly low in the east during early dawn, Mars glows orange high in the west closing in on Regulus during the month and Venus shines brightly in the north west as twilight fades. Enjoy your star gazing!

May Book Review
Saved by the light by Dannion Brinkley
Saved by the Light
If you have an interest in or fear around what happens when we die this is a must read. Dannion Brinkley was struck by lightning and killed. Twenty eight minutes later he revived in the morgue! He is one of the longest living near death survivors. This is the remarkable true story of a man who died and the profound revelations he received, revealing truth about the afterlife and guidance from beyond about how we should live our lives today. He met beings from the angelic realm and was given over one hundred prophecies almost all of which have come true.
Monthly Animal Totem
Dolphin speaks to us of the breath of life. Within the breath, we encounter
the rhythms of energy that all life emits. Breathing deeply and consciously
is a great way to release stress, revitalize each cell and organ and connect
with Great Spirit. Enjoy the playfulness and child like smile that Dolphin constantly wears as it glides through the waters. Imitate Dolphin and ride
the waves of laughter, spreading joy in the world!