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Nov. 2nd
Full Moon in Taurus

Nov. 7th
Entry into 6th night of
the Mayan Calendar
Nov 2nd, 2010

Nov. 11th

Nov. 16th
New Moon in Scorpio

Nov. 26th
US Thanksgiving

Nov. 29th

Dec. 2nd
Full moon in Gemini

Voice America Internet Radio
After recording a record listenership of over 36,000
in the month of September, I
was encouraged to begin a
new series of thirteen
episodes on Voice America
airing live at Noon, west
coast time, on Wednesdays.
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Peter Tongue's
Live Talk Show Schedule

I have a wonderful series of
guests lined up and the shows
so far have been outstanding.

Nov. 4th
James Tyberonn
 "Energy Activation of 
the new Earth"

James discusses his understanding of Earth energies and the shift to a balanced crystalline future for the planet and humanity.

Nov. 11th
Peter Tongue
"The Alchemist's Way"
Peter discusses the powerful energies of the 11:11:11,
the significance of the sixth night
and how we can use Alchemy
to transform our lives.

Nov. 18th
Ronna Herman
"Quest For Mastery"
Ronna discusses her connection
to Archangel Michael, tools of Ascension techniques and the importance of pyramids of light.

Nov. 25th
Sam Graci
"Nutritional Techniques for Healthful Living and Greater Awareness"
Greens Plus founder, Sam Graci, discusses the importance of
eating a cell friendly diet for
total rejuvenation.

Coming up in December:

  Dec. 2nd     Ger Lyons
  Dec. 9th      Daniel Jacob
  Dec. 16th   PatriceChaplin
  Dec. 23rd    Meg Blackburn
  Dec. 30th    Rollin McCraty

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November 2009  �  Vol. I  Issue 1
Welcome to the first Peter Tongue monthly newsletter.

I plan to give you updates on what is happening in the World of Spirit each month as well as brief introductions into articles that I have found useful with references to the full article for those who would like to pursue that topic further.
11:11:11... your wake up call!
by Peter Tongue

The month opened with my birthday - always a special day - All Saints Day! Also the 1:11, which leads me to one of the most significant number codes which is 11:11. Many people have had recurring synchronicity of 11:11 appearing on digital clocks. It is an activation code - a spiritual wake-up call - a portal to your inner self. Once you recognize this and make the commitment to awaken to your true path, the digital codes will change to assist you on your spiritual journey. This particular 11:11, which is always Veterans' or Remembrance Day, was more powerful than ever as the year is 2009 another 11, creating the 11:11:11! On this day, there was a downpour of powerful cosmic energies to support us on our spiritual journeys through what is called the "Sacred Rose Stargate"- an opportunity to activate our direct connection to Source.

This energy came hot on the heels of our entry into the sixth night of the Mayan Calendar which began on Saturday November 7th. Many of you have heard me talk about the importance of the Mayan Calendar and its significance. Dr. Carl Johann Calleman, who is considered to be the leading western expert on the Mayan Calendar has this to say about the sixth night;

"In this Cosmic night, we will witness the most significant transformation of consciousness ever in the History of humankind."

"Nights mean a slow-down of economic growth. It is part of a process creating the conditions for the birth of a New World."

"All chains to the past and other people are broken."

"Transformation leads to equality and harmony."

"Direct experience of the Divine-straight knowing."

"People will be divided - those flowing with the incoming energies and those resisting and holding on to the systems of the past."

"A consciousness of oneness and transparency."

"Oct 28th, 2011, will see Unity Consciousness stabilized leading to a Millennium of Peace."

The full article can be found at:

"If you missed the opportunity to connect with the powerful vibrations of Nov.11th, it is not too late. The window of opportunity remains open until a second 11:11:11 takes place on Nov.29th, 2009 (11th month, 2+9=11 and 2009=11!) Enjoy it all!"
Monthly ConstellationOrion

Orion's Belt
Orion has returned to the northern hemisphere sky this month. Rising on the eastern horizon after dark and moving across the sky to the south.

This magnificent constellation was sacred to the Ancient Egyptians as they believe the gateway to the afterlife was through Orion's belt in the center of the constellation.

The orange-tinged star in the constellation is Betelgeuse which is the portal to the Cosmic Heart of our Galaxy. Enjoy its presence in our sky over the winter months.
New Moon in Scorpio
November 16th

On the occasion of the New Moon in Scorpio, it is a wonderful opportunity
to delve deep into the collective unconscious to courageously remove any stuck, stagnant energies leading to a personal and collective healing.

Lake Tahoe

Emerald Bay
In the fall, Lake Tahoe was host to three highly gifted and renowned Spiritual Teachers, Richard Leviton, Ronna Herman and James Tyberonn. All three, in different ways, talked about the powerful energies of the Lake, including some specific sites around the Lake, as well as the entire region including Reno, Pyramid Lake and Grimes Point. It looks as though the activation of the region is being noted!

Detailed articles about the Tahoe region
can be found at:
  Monthly Animal Totem
Thanksgiving TURKEY
Turkey Totem 1
The Turkey is all about Give-Away.
It sacrifices itself so that we may live. It is the medicine
of Saints and Mystics. All life is sacred and so follow
the Golden Rule. Turkey offers you a beautiful gift.

Enjoy the spirit of GIVING!