Ashland Schools Foundation
        March 2010
ASF's 2009-2010 Literacy & Library Grants
Ashland High School - $90,000
Librarian, English Classes, Student Tutor Center

Ashland Middle School - $47,000
Librarian, Reading Specialist

John Muir K-8 School - $7,700
Reading Support

Bellview, Helman & Walker Elementaries -
$20,000 each

Willow Wind CLC - $9,000
Reading Support

Total Lit & Lib Grants:

We achieved our 2009 goal of $268,000 to fully fund these grants. Thank you donors!

ASF Funding Goals for 2010-11

Our goal for the 2010-11 school year is to continue to support our Literacy and Library grants throughout the district. Our 2010 annual fund drive goal is $280,000 in donations and pledges, with a Literacy and Libraries granting goal of $220,000.
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2009 income: $1831.51
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2009 income: $1800.00
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Scan 4 Schools matching donation program
2009 income: $1652.00
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2009 income
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ASF Board of Directors

 Maylee Oddo, Chair
 Ben Bellinson, Vice-Chair
 Ken Loftus, Fund Dev't Chair
 Wes Corey, Sec/Treasurer
 Ken Buccino
 Carol Davis
 Lauren Fennell
 Donna Hasse
 Janice Marvin
 Judith Anne McBride
 Michele Mitzell
 Janese Williams
 Juli Di Chiro, Superintendent

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2010 Annual Fund Drive to Kickoff!
Sustaining our Success in the Schools
How do you raise over $200,000 in a month? Ask, ask, ask! That's what the Ashland Schools Foundation will be doing during our 2010 Annual Fund Drive - set to kick off on "first" Friday, April 2nd, with a public celebration from 5-6 p.m. on the Ashland Plaza. The event will feature sidewalk chalk art and student musical performances. Come by, eat some popcorn, and celebrate education in Ashland.
Chalk Art
Currently ASF is funding over $213,000 in the Ashland schools through our Literacy and Libraries grants (see detail in sidebar). Our goal for next year is to continue to fund these programs to give some financial stability in an unstable funding environment. To do this, we need your help.
  • Give generously - Every one of you will receive a letter from ASF around the first of April, followed by a phone call, asking for your support. When your letter comes, please give generously. Better yet, donate now and save the letter and the phone call!
  • Get your $ matched - Our "new money" matching fund will fully match any donor who did not give last year, or any increased portion of a donation from last year  - but the funds must be in our hands by May 3. We expect to have at least $45,000 to match, so please help us reach this goal and have your donation count double!
  • Volunteer - Help out at our phone bank - great food, camaraderie - this is the most fun you'll ever have asking for donations! And you'll feel darn good when you are responsible for bringing in extra donations for the schools. Thanks to phone bank sponsors, US Cellular and Verizon!
Our Success depends on YOU!

Kids Teaching Kids - AHS Student Tutor Center
student tutor
As the bell rings for the end of the school day, Ashland High students flood the stairways and halls, bound for home. But, wait, why are all these students going into Tammy Anderson's classroom?
They are headed to the Student Tutoring Center, an after-school program funded by the Ashland Schools Foundation and beginning next year, the Ethan Townsend Memorial Fund (see related article below). Every early release "white" day, math teacher Tammy Anderson, six tutors and any students who need homework help meet there to extend learning beyond the regular school day. As sophomore Connor Frol says, "It really helps me with math. I come here every white day."

Teacher Spotlight - Hazel Smith, librarian
Hazel in the library

Librarian Hazel Smith gathers a group of fourth graders around her in the Bellview School library. "What if you wanted to find out about bicycles? Where would you look?" she asks. She has thirty minutes with this class, and then it's on to the fifth graders.
Smith is a woman in constant motion. This year, for the first time in her 24-year career in Ashland schools, she is serving as librarian/media specialist on four different campuses, and consulting for two others. Funded by the Ashland Schools Foundation as part of their focus on literacy and libraries, Smith's position was changed considerably this year after massive cuts drastically reduced library positions. Click here to read more....

HAPA! Benefit Concert for ASF 
When Hawaiian super-group Hapa announced their 2010 tour, Ashland resident and Hapa superfan, John Williams, noticed a convenient hole in their schedule. Contacting their manager, Williams was told that if he could build it, Hapa would come. And within a week, the most successful music group in Hawaiian history was set to play in Ashland for the first time since a 2006 sold-out show during the One World Concert Series.

ASF Memorial Funds: An Update 
Thank you to those of you who have donated to our memorial funds for two former Ashland students who died in separate incidents this past fall. 
Ethan Townsend
The Ethan Townsend Memorial Fund
has received enough donations to form a permanent endowment with ASF. The interest from this endowment will be drawn annually to support the AHS Student Tutor Center (see article above) as tutoring other students was a passion of Ethan's. Currently the endowment will fund about 25% of the cost of the Center. Additional donations are welcomed, as we hope to build the fund to fully support the Student Tutor Center. Click here to read more about Ethan. Click here to read more about the Student Tutor Center.
Kipp Crawford
The Kipp Crawford Memorial Fund
is on its way toward forming an endowment of its own! This endowment will support jazz and band enrichment each year at Ashland High School in perpetuity. See information below to donate - and be on the lookout for community events to benefit this fund.  
To donate to either of these memorial funds, click on the "donate" button and note the name of the fund in the "Tribute" section of the form, or name the fund on the memo line of your check mailed to ASF.