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Just as a reminder, both Vine Solutions offices will be closed after 12pm on Monday, Aug. 15th for an Employee Appreciation event. We will resume normal business hours the following day.

We will also be closed Monday, September 5th in observance of the Labor Day Holiday. We will resume normal business hours the following day.

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Beware of Fraudulent "Vendor" Calls


We were recently notified by one of our Clients that they received a phone call from an individual claiming to be a PG&E representative, stating that they were going to shut off power to their restaurant if they didn't provide them with immediate payment over the phone. The scammer was attempting to gain access to sensitive bank account information. Luckily, our Client immediately called us and we contacted PG&E directly to confirm the account was in fact in good standing and that no such authorized representative had called the business. 


If you ever receive any phone calls similar in nature to this, please

do not provide them with any account details or bank account / credit card information. Rather, please contact your Vine Solutions AP representative immediately and we will handle the issue.


Just as a reminder: PG&E, as well as most vendors alike, typically will not contact the business directly, alternately, they will mail in correspondence regarding account payments and balances.


Restaurant Spotlight

 High West


With a love for all things Whiskey and a desire to break free from the confines of the corporate grind, David Perkins, Proprietor and Owner of High West Distillery & Saloon, initially sought to open a unique whiskey distillery without the addition of a combined restaurant. However, as happenstance would have it, after meeting James Dumas, High West's current Executive Chef and GM, the idea to marry great food with the complimenting flavors of handcrafted whiskeys, became an instant success.

Situated in Park City, Utah, High West Distillery exudes an authentic 19th Century feel with the reminiscent charm of the Wild West Era. Inhabiting both a Victorian-style home and a former livery barn, High West has assumed a location worthy of the National Register of Historic Places list. It also offers the world's only ski-in gastro-distillery, which has received a myriad of accolades for it's innovative rye whiskeys.

The idea to utilize the bar as a further extension of the kitchen, has becoming an ever-increasing trend among many restaurants around the country. California, for example, is home to a plethora of restaurants in which wine parings are just as much a part of the cuisine as is the food. Dumas, who takes inspiration from his favorite trends happening in the San Francisco, New York, and Chicago Restaurant scenes, has created a menu which compliments both the taste of the whiskeys as well as the seasonal produce available to them. They showcase three whiskies a week which are meticulously paired with a variety of seasonal small plates. "Whiskey, similarly to wine, pairs with all types of foods, flavors, and techniques. The diverse medium offers many creative ideas that keep our menu items current and interesting." explains Perkins. 

In addition to receiving the 2011 award for "Whiskey Pioneer of the Year" by Malt Advocate Magazine, the Industry's leading Whiskey Magazine, High West Distillery & Saloon celebrated its new title as "Best Restaurant in Park City" by Salt Lake City Weekly's "Best of"  reader-awarded issue. In addition, Zagat just recently included them in their printed publication as only one of just twenty Restaurant's in Utah! These accolades not only reinforce the public's enthusiasm for the Saloon's presence in Park City, but also exemplifies how well the concept is received after just one year of business.

High West Distillery & Saloon is located at 703 Park Avenue in Old Town Park City. Hours of operation for the Restaurant are Monday-Sunday 12:00- 11:00PM*. For additional information about High West Distillery & Saloon, call (435) 649-8300 or visit
*Hours are modified throughout the year given their high and low season.
          High West  High West 2High West 3  
HR Corner

 The Top 5 Do's and Don'ts Concerning I-9 Forms 

Maintaining non-compliant I-9 employment eligibility forms can bring upon both significant financial and civil or criminal fines. Insuring forms be filled out properly, completely, and with the necessary documentation, you can help to prevent any such penalties from being awarded.

1. Do establish a consistent procedure for completing I-9 Forms and make sure the procedure set forth is communicated to all individuals involved in the process.

2. Don't ask the new hire for any documents in particular; allow them to provide you with any of the permissible documents they wish.

3. Do review the newly passed version of the I-9's list of acceptable documents to make sure you are in compliance.

4. Don't file any employee's I-9 forms within their personnel file. You want to maintain these forms in a separate file to protect the company against discrimination and/or auditing penalties.  

5. Do keep I-9 forms for up to at least 3 years after the employee's hire date or one year after his or her termination date, which ever comes later.


For a complete list of of I-9 compliance rules and regulations, please contact Paula Brannon, Vine Solutions HR Manager at 415-927-3308, ext. 122 or at    

Vine Online

The Ops Statement is typically used to view a single period of data, but did you know it can also be utilized for a broader time frame? For instance, you can generate an Ops Statement to display a particular quarter, an entire year, or to view year-to-date information.


The Ops Statement is located in the Reports module in Vine Online under Accounting >> GL Reports. In Step 2 select the date range you are looking for. You can use the built in shortcuts to quickly isolate a particular quarter or year. You can also manually input your start and end dates using the built in calendars, or simply type in the dates.


In Step 3 adjust the setting for "Just This Time Frame" to "Yes" using the drop down menu. This setting will force the report to generate for the selected time range. If set to "No", the report will default to the single period of business most closely associated with the start date.


ops image final

In Step 3 you can also choose to "Hide Week Columns" by clicking the appropriate checkbox. When viewing a broader range of time, the week columns will only detail out the first four or five weeks of data. With the week columns hidden, the report will simply display the totals for the selected time frame.


If you have any questions about the Ops Statement, contact your client manager. You may also refer to Nathan Hobson ( or Jossi Caro ( with questions regarding Vine Online.

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