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May Client Newsletter, 2011
Restaurant Spotlight
                           Red Medicine

            Red Medicine Logo

Make no mistake-this is not your traditional Vietnamese restaurant, nor does it strive to be. Yet, crafted from a mutual love of the cuisine, partners Jordan Kahn, Noah Ellis, and Adam Fleischman wanted to use the inspiration they gained while eating at their favorite Vietnamese restaurants as a basis for starting their own. No replications, no fusion-focused ideologies. Simply put; it's their own cuisine created out of a love for another.


Utilizing locally sourced, flavorful ingredients, Chef Jordan Kahn challenges traditional, customary tactics of food presentation bringing together often exotic and beautifully artistic combinations. The surprising union of unlikely suitors is what keeps patrons coming back for more. His vision for dishes stretches far behind the imagination, converting even the staunchest meat and potatoes lover into a fan of 'soft rice paper with rock shrimp, Jackfruit, and bean sprouts'-almost immediately. 


The list of cocktails being artfully crafted from the bar is as inventive and creative as the dishes themselves-but would you expect anything else? Drinks such as their signature #49 'Leblon, Rhubarb, lime, and Ginger Ale' served with orange peel and lavender is just the tip of the iceberg. Red Medicine also features lesser-known beers and wines from varied regions from around the world which are deliberately hand-selected to compliment that of the cuisine.


While the scene is often described as energetic and is praised time and again as a must-hit LA hotspot, the truth is that the conception of Red Medicine will always remain true to it's roots no matter the adoration it receives. Come for the presentation, the unique marrying of flavors, the meticulously thoughtful dishes full of passion and love.  


Red Medicine is located at 8400 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, Ca 90211. For reservations or for more information, call (323) 651-5500 or The restaurant is open to those late-night patrons until 2am.


Red Medicine 1Red Medicine 2


Vine Online 

The Consolidated Pmix report is a great tool for evaluating your menus, to see what's selling in your restaurant and what's not.  With this information you can make important decisions about menu structure, pricing, etc.


The Consolidated Pmix report can be found in the Reports module in Vine Online under Sales >> Product Mix Reports.   In Step 2, the date range is customizable and you can use the built-in shortcuts to isolate a particular week, period, quarter or year.  In Step 3, make sure you select the appropriate settings to get the results you are looking for.  For instance, if you wish to evaluate lunch food sales in the dining room, you will want to specify:


Master Sale Department: Food

Daypart: Lunch

Revenue Center: Dining Room


 Vine Online Pic


TIP:  You can eliminate non-priced modifiers and view a cleaner report by adjusting the Priced Items setting to "Positive Priced Only".


The Consolidated Pmix report is also a useful way to audit sale departments in your POS.  In order for your sales reporting to be accurate, only like items should be grouped together in your POS.  For instance, if you have a beer item in a Wines By the Glass sale department, this will result in skewed sales for both beer and wine.  Likewise, if you have food items grouped with retail items in a Retail sale department, retail sales will be skewed and food sales will not report correctly.


If you have any questions about the Consolidated Pmix report, contact your client manager.  You may also refer to Nathan Hobson ( or Jossi Caro ( with questions regarding Vine Online.


HR Corner

Are you in compliance? California requires Employers provide the following pamphlets:

TitleEmployers must provide to
Paid Family LeaveNew employees and when leave of absence is taken for a covered reason.
State Disability Ins.New employees and when employees take a nonwork-related disability leave.
Unemployment Ins.Any given employee being terminated, laid off, or given a leave of absence.
Workers CompensationNew employees with the following information:            1. Name of the company's current compensation carrier. 2. The location and telephone number of the nearest information and assistance officer.         
Sexual HarassmentNew employees.

Immigration and Customs Enfrorcement 

Regarding the Increase of I9 Audits:


Audits can be based upon leads generated through tips and on a random basis. Penalties can be very costly. We encourage you to review the I-9's of your employees to make sure the forms are properly completed and signed. Keep I-9's in a separate folder and do not keep photo copies of employee identification.  If you need more information, or would like assistance with getting your I-9s compliant VineHR can help.

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1099 Repeal on Expanded Reporting
In a vote of 87 to 12, Senate approved the repeal of the 1099 law mandating all Restaurateurs and small businesses report nearly  every business transaction to the IRS. While cumbersome and time consuming, many companies simply don't have the resources to handle such stringent reporting tactics. This repeal represents a huge victory for the Restaurant Industry! President Obama is expected to sign the law into effect this month. 
Questions Regarding New Food Handler Laws?
In an effort to keep you apprised of all the new installments regarding the  recent Food Safety Measure signed into law, we've added some additional information for your review;
  The NRA has launched their own ServSafe program as well as set up a call center to help employers and employees alike answer any and all questions about the new requirements. Call 866.901.7778 or email
Information on Tax Credits Available

The United States Federal Government and the State of California offer various tax credits in order to encourage businesses to engage in certain behaviors generally relating to the hiring of additional employees, to hiring specific populations of employees or to purchasing additional equipment for use in operations. Vine Solutions has compiled a primer on various tax credits available from California, Federal and some Municipal authorities for which you may be eligible.

If you would like to receive a copy please contact your client manager.

Vine Solutions provides this for informational purposes to benefit you and suggest that should you elect to pursue a credit, you discuss such elections with your tax CPA.