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Music to the Ears Or Assault to the Senses?
Attempting to define consumers' ideal dining experiences can present results as varied as the individual themselves. However, there does exist a universal set of standards for which fine dining is often measured. Among the more prominent, ambiance is most commonly noted. Why then, has there been a spike among restaurateurs abandoning the time honored notion that excessive noise creates a poor dining experience? 

In fact, within the last several years, many restaurants have been striped of their sound-eliminating materials such as carpet and heavy drapery for a more bare and minimalist feel. Exposed beams with hard wood flooring and little to no wall furnishings have become a new and trendy approach to decor, yet, along with it can bring too much music to the ears. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, journalist Katy McLaughlin discusses this concept with Architect Dirk Denison. As he explains, "The best way to absorb reverberant noise is to cover at least two perpendicular surfaces...that way sound waves cannot bounce back and forth horizontally and vertically."
While many restaurateurs choose not to equip their restaurants with such sound-reducing materials due to associated costs, there are also a plentiful sector of restaurant owners who subscribe to the theory that noise equates a sense of liveliness . In the article, "Pass the Salt...and a Megaphone" in the Wall Street Journal, restaurant owner Tony May of SD26 in New York City, was quoted as having said, "The new consumer is looking for energy, and a good vibe. " This being said, knowing your clientele may be the most crucial component to success. An older diner, for example, may find such loud noises to be extremely distracting and uncomfortable.  However, it isn't just the older diners who have displeasure with such noise.  Many younger diners similarly find fault with extensive noise and the need to shoot while talking to the person opposite the table from you.

Whether you enjoy the blaring sounds of streaming music, or prefer the quite, more melodic undertones of background notes, one notion holds true.  There is a restaurant for everyone. In fact, According to a recent poll among Restaurateurs on the National Restaurant Association's website, 49.45% stated that they try to keep the noise muted to suit the mood of the restaurant. This, giving credence to the notion that knowing your desired restaurant environment ahead of time, can help save you from experiencing an unpleasant dining experience.
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Restaurant Spotlight
BLD Restaurant
With a name like BLD, or, "Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner" as it is formally named, you'd expect a pretty straight-forward, non-pretentious eatery. And that's exactly what you can expect from such a dining experience.
                                                                    BLD became an immediate favorite and staple once its doors opened in July of 2006. BLD is serious about the quality of its food and service, and like Grace (the Fraser's fine dining restaurant just up the street), it is credited with cementing Beverly Boulevard's reputation as a veritable restaurant row. The concept of quick, simple, first-class fare for foodies executed by serious chefs without pretense and big expense was embraced by a diverse demographic. From ladies who lunch, entertainment execs and their stars, to families young and old, and the newest latest hipsters, everyone, it seems, relates.  BLD is adored by Angelenos starved for a casual restaurant of its caliber.  Some of our favorite dishes and specials are Tuesday night's Fried Chicken dinner, the house-smoked turkey pastrami sandwich, the ricotta blueberry pancakes and the Self Constructed Dinner where you pair a protein, two sides and a sauce to make your perfect meal. 
*Blurb written by Amy Knoll Fraser, Co-Owner and Director of Operations for Grace and BLD Restaurant  

March 2010
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