Lori-4112Natural menopause treatment has saved me from Menopause Symptoms, says Lori from Miami. I was living daily with menopause symptoms that would increase and decrease in severity. It was getting extremely frustrating for me, because I could never make plans due to the fact that I didn't know how I would be feeling. I felt like my life was on hold.A friend gave me the gift of Don't Pause with green tea and pomegranate extract on my birthday, and it turned out to be the best gift I've ever received. It only takes two capsules a day to help me feel good. I have noticed a lessening of hot flashes and night sweats, and I am now able to sleep through the night. This was impossible for me before.I am now much easier to live with, as my husband will testify. My moodiness has decreased to the point where I am almost back to my old self. Even my sex drive is returning, and I attribute this to the fact that vaginal dryness is no longer a problem. By taking Don't Pause all natural every day, I am finding that menopause is not the beast that I was afraid it would be. I am now a firm believer in this product and intend to tell my friends about it. 


Try dontpause w pomegranate n green tea and experience the magic of Pomegranate and Green Tea. 


DP contains Pomegranate extract, Green tea, Chromium picolinate, DHEA, etc. Pomegranate extract is a super anti-oxidant . In addition it stimulates the production of collagen in the skin to maintain a smooth and wrinkle free skin for women over 40. Green tea helps to increase the body's metabolism and burns fat into energy, together with Chromium picolinate which assists in balancing the blood sugar, they help with weight loss and loosing the fat around the waist. DHEA helps in increasing bone mass, muscle mass and enhancing sex drive.



100% Natural




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