Help Stop Heartburn Naturally


Many heartburn products only neutralize acid, causing the stomach to create more. 


  Re-Digest uses natural enzymes to break down food, thus eliminating the need for more acid.


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Re-Digest BottleRe-Digest

感revents Heartburn
愛educes Acid in your stomach
嵯igests your food 

Re-Vitalize X2Re-Vitalize X2

弒mproves your Natural Digestion
愛e-Vitalizes your Guts by Increasing "Good Bacteria"
弒mproves Lactose Intolerance 
嵯etoxes your Guts  
媲oosts your Immune System
感roduces Vitamin B



愛elieves Constipation 
愛elieves inflammation of your Digestive tract
嵩leanses your Colon  

Don't Just Digest your food, Re-Digest it!




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Offer Expires: 3/10/2011
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