Strong Bones are possible:

You do not have to lose your bone mass, just because you are a woman, or you are over 40.

Exercise and take your Liquicalcium 6 Plus daily!

Liquicalcium 6 plus Soft Gel

Healthy woman runningLiquicalcium 6 Plus is a synergistic combination of six (6) sources of Bioavailable Calcium a total of 1000 mg of elemental calcium as carbonate, citrate, gluconate, aspartate, malate, and micronized Hydroxyapatite- three (3) sources of magnesium, 400 mg from oxide, aspartate and citrate- Vitamin D, 100 IU- Vitamin K, 10 mcg- Boron,1 mg and Horse Tail, 25 mg, providing a superior combination of nutrients to support healthy and strong bones.
Calcium absorption is enhanced in the presence of protein
Calcium absorption is enhanced by an organic matrix
Organic calcium matrix creates a lattice for prolonged positive calcium balance to maintain the calcium inside the cells.
Research has shown that calcium bound to protein, will enhance bone formation and bone structure, will improve nail growth and will help maintain the healthier teeth. Ingredients in Liquicalcium 6 Plus will also help to normalize blood pressure.
liquicalcium 6 plusWho should take Liquicalcium 6 Plus daily:
1) Men and women over the age of 40
2) People who are Lactose intolerance
3) People with sedentary lifestyles
4) Pregnant or nursing women
5) Women who have had total hysterectomies (Ovaries removed)
6) Smokers and heavy alcohol consumers
7) People who lack sufficient levels of right kind of Calcium and Vitamin D in their diet
8) People with genetic disposition for Osteoporosis
Maintain strong bones by taking your Liquicalcium 6 plus daily. 

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