Hypertension or High Blood Pressure

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:: What is Blood Pressure?
:: Symptoms of Blood Pressure
:: How to treat Blood Pressure
:: Causes of Blood Pressure
:: Effects of CoQ10 on Blood Pressure
What is Blood Pressure?
blood pressure  Blood Pressure readings are measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg) and usually given as two numbers. For example, 120 over 80 (written as 120/80 mmHg).
  The top number is the systolic pressure, the pressure created when the heart beats. It is considered high if it is consistently over 140. However, it is much better if it is less than 120.
  The bottom number is the diastolic pressure, the pressure inside blood vessels when the heart is at rest and is filling with blood. This number is high when it is consistently over 90. However, it is much better if it is less than 80.
  Either or both of these numbers may be high.


Symptoms of Blood Pressure:


Most of the time, there are no symptoms for high blood pressure. Symptoms that may occur when blood pressure is really high are:


  • Chest pain 
  • Confusion 
  • Ear noise or buzzing 
  • Irregular heartbeat 
  • Nosebleed 
  • Tiredness 
  • Vision changes and or severe headaches.

How to treat Blood Pressure:


There are many different medications for treating high blood pressure.

Your physician will recommend one or more medications to control your blood pressure and may also suggest exercise, weight loss, and following a healthier diet.

Sometimes a single blood pressure drug may not be enough and two or more drugs may be required to control the blood pressure. It is important to note that in clinical trials, CoQ10 was used in addition to medications.

Causes of Blood Pressure:
Many factors can affect blood pressure, including:
  • The amount of water and salt in the body
  • Kidney function, nervous system, and blood vessels
  • The levels of different hormones in the circulation
  • Family history is also important in having a high blood pressure. Smoking, obesity, and diabetes are all risk factors for hypertension.
CoQ10 Red Caps

coq10Effects of CoQ10 on Blood Pressure:


CoQ10 Red BottleDiastolic pressure is the filling of the heart with blood.

Diastolic function has a larger cellular energy requirement than the systolic contraction and, therefore, the process of diastolic relaxation is more highly energy dependent and more dependent on CoQ10.


It takes more energy to fill the heart than to empty it. Diastolic dysfunction is when the heart muscle is weak, tired or stiff and interferes with the heart's ability to function as an effective pump. It is seen early in the course of many common cardiac disorders. The stiffening of the heart muscle has been shown to return to normal when supplementing with CoQ10 in clinical trials.


In clinical trials, as mentioned above, CoQ10 was used in addition to medications. Hypertension is reduced when diastolic function improves. CoQ10, may be opening a new door in the era of cellular/biochemical treatment of high blood pressure, complementing and extending the traditional approach of medications.

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