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Choosing a Multivitamin:

Age is change in your body, over time.
You can change the pattern of your aging by providing vital nutrients to your cells. Optimize your health by
understanding your cellular nutritional needs. Adding Vitamins and antioxidants with accurate and precise concentrations to your daily diet can help prevent the oxidation caused by free radicals to cellular components.
A leading theory of aging today is based on the production of free radicals inside mitochondria. Packed with Vitamins and natural nutrients Advanced Multivitamin is essential for the optimal function of metabolic pathways in every cell in the body. Research has proven that taking essential Vitamins and Nutrients can prevent Cardiovascular Diseases, Cancers, High Blood Pressure, Osteoporosis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases as well as Skin Aging and other Chronic Diseases that develop with age.
What are Free Radicals?
Free Radicals are chemicals produced in the body daily. They have one or more unpaired electrons. Unpaired electrons are not stable, and are highly reactive. Unstable free radicals attack stable cellular components, to gain an electron causing damage to lipids, proteins and DNA inside the cells and generating new free radicals.

In addition to normal body production, environmental factors such as radiation, pollution, cigarette smoking, and high fat diets generate free radicals.

Antioxidants are the major part of this defense system. These systems are not always 100 percent effective. In fact, they become less effective with age. Dietary antioxidants defend the body against oxidative stress, but when antioxidants are unavailable, or when free radical production becomes excessive, health problems may develop.

Take your Advance Multivitamin daily and nourish your cells to become healthier.

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