We should start focusing on our vision a lot earlier in life.

   Beautiful Eyes
At around 46 years of age we begin to take notice of our vision health.
For your Eyes Lutein Capsule
For your Eyes Lutein Capsule
10% of people in United States have some sort of vision impairment, and 15% of adults between the ages of 46 to 66 have vision problems.

Most people accept that as part of growing old, their eyesight will fail and that they will develop cataract and later Macular degeneration and Glaucoma.
People with Glaucoma usually notice a loss of peripheral vision first. Use of Steroid Medications may increase the risk of Glaucoma when used for an extended periods of time.
Science has shown that taking effective nutrients can further improve and protect our eyes. We know that getting enough high quality antioxidants and Lutein can help support the Retina and the Macula.
For Your Eyes LuteinIs your vision Blurry?
Do you have eye fatigue and dryness?
Do you trip into more things, more than you did before?
Do you have poor night vision?
 We urge our clients to have regular complete eye examinations.
Every part of the eyes requires essential nutrients specific for that part.
FOR YOUR EYES, LUTEIN together with Advance Multivitamin capsules, have the essential nutrients which help support the health of your precious eyes.
Prevent, Protect and Post Pone the diseases of AGING.
Each bottle of FOR YOUR EYES, LUTEIN contains 30 concentrated capsules of LUTEIN the highest known supplement to support your eyes. LUTEIN accumulates around the Macula which resides in the center of the retina and is responsible for the detailed vision.
LUTEIN filters the light to protect the eyes against UV blue rays and also protects the eyes from Free Radicals, Oxidation and AGING.
Since our bodies can not produce LUTEIN we recommend taking sufficient amounts as supplements.
Advance Multivitamin is also recommended daily together with FOR YOUR EYES, LUTEIN.
Foods for the EYES are cold water fish, Eggs, Blueberries, Grapes and Red Wine.

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