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The Noble Prize for Physiology was given to 3 scientists working on TELOMERES. Research for the past 80 years has shown a direct link between Telomere length and aging process, age-related diseases and life expectancy.

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   Telomeres are proteins ( TTAGGG  sequences) which protect the end of human chromosomes. The longer the Telomeres, the healthier the person  and the longer their life span.

   Telomerase is an enzyme which keeps the telomeres long and healthy.

   The activity of telomerase is not uniform in all cell types. In the cells with reduced Telomerase activity, each time the cells divide the Telomeres become shorter which eventually results Telomere Dysfunction and DNA damage.

   Research has shown a strong correlation between short Telomeres and reduced Telomerase activity with numerous degenerative diseases such as Cardiovascular diseases, different types of Cancer, Pulmonary and Hepatic Fibrosis and Aging.

   Mitochondrial dysfunction results in an increase in Oxidation Stress inside the cells, which in turn initiates the genotoxic damage to the DNA and shortening of the Telomeres. Because improving the mitochondrial function reduces Telomere shortening, this finding also suggests that maintaining mitochondrial health may be a key element in healthy aging, prevention of different types of cancer and many age related diseases.

Research has shown that life style changes, more exercise, healthy diet with caloric restriction, stress reduction and NOT SMOKING can increase the length of Telomeres.

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