SPF 60   The United States government has placed ultraviolet radiation (UV) both from the sun and from tanning machines on its list of known human carcinogens. UV radiations are known to produce DNA damage that may lead to mutations in genes involved in the pathogenesis of skin cancer. One of the most important factors that would age the skin is its exposure to the sun even when you are in a car or behind a window, since the solar rays can penetrate through the glass. Remember that prevention is always easier than repair.  Sun screens that absorb or block UV radiations have important protective functions.
   At the ANTIAGING Institute of California, your health is as important to us as your beauty. During these hot summer days we highly recommend our micronized SPF 60 B4Uburn sun screen. Cover your hands with B4Uburn SPF 60 while driving to prevent sun spots and dark spots on your hands.
   B4UBurn is water resistance with Zinc Oxide for skin protection, repair and re-generation . B4U burn sun screen is a vital tool that can help prevent the UV damages on the body as part of a comprehensive sun protection program, along with avoiding direct sunlight during peak hours (10 AM to 4 PM), protective light color clothing, a hat and UV radiation blocking sunglasses.

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