Don't let Arthritis stop youFlexxability from enjoying your summer and your life.

FlexxabilityThere are many different types and causes of joint pain. The term Arthritis refers to a group of flexibility diseases, which affect the various joints of the body, causing pain, fatigue, occasional fever, and a general sense of not feeling well (malaise). The cause may be age, injury, infection, stress or genetics. Joints consists of bones with various types of connections which link one bone to another. Protecting the joints is critical in our health and well being. Cartilage is the Q+sponge like substance in between the bones, which allows the bones to slide smoothly against each other. Flexxability contains the most effective form of Glucosamine sulphate, together with the purest form of Shark cartilage, Mucopolysaccarides- Bovine cartilage, Boswellin, one of the best herbs known for its anti-inflammatory properties, Fever few extract, White Willow bark extract, Yucca root, blocking the release of intestinal toxins that inhibit normal formation of cartilage, Cats Claw extract and Bromelain which is known to be effective in pain reduction for maximizing the relief. Flexxability is not a painkiller and takes time to rebuild the joints and correct the damage while it increases flexibility and cartilage protection. It is worth the wait!!

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