Urinate Monday morning at 6:00 am and find out critical information about your health:

     Studies show the most common time for a heart attack to occur is Monday morning.  During early morning hours the platelets in the blood are stickier.
As you may know Aspirin reduces platelet aggregation or stickiness.
     Aspirin, though a great product can have side-effects, and preventive "aspirin-a-day" therapy is reserved for those at risk. Check with your doctor or healthcare professional if regular aspirin may be of benefit to you.
     What your doctor could not say for sure is was that the Aspirin you are taking is working for you. Is it reducing your platelet stickiness?
     The Chart below shows the Chronic Inflammation Pathway, and effect of Aspirin and other therapeutic interventions to reduce platelet aggregation.
CHRONIC INFLAMMATION CHARTCheck the Nutritional/Dietary intake effect on reducing Chronic Inflammation:
Insulin Control = COQ10 PLUS
Polyphenols = POM PURE, DON'T PAUSE
Resveratrol = FUNCTION FOR MEN
Green Tea = DON'T PAUSE
Ginkgo Biloba = Ginkgo Biloba
Tumeric = BIOCURCU
Aloe Vera = Relief
Coenzyme Q10 = COQ10 RED
     At the ANTIAGING Institute of California, we are proud to be on the forefront of the 21st century Medical Research.
This Chronic Inflammation Test is useful for:
  • Detecting the presence of Inflammation in the body by measuring the production of Thromboxane A2. 
  • Determining effect of Aspirin therapy following (years of) Aspirin ingestion.
  • Determining effect of your diet and exercise and Dietary Supplements.
  • Determining risk of coronary heart disease and stroke.
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