Biochemistry of Weight Loss

ANTIAGING Weight loss
Loose Weight in One Week!
Get your Krebs Cycle to work for you.
Try this plan for ONLY One Week and see major results.! 
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One dedicated week only: 
  1. No Salt, No Sugar, No White Flour, No Oil, No Dairy, No Alcohol
    and  No processed food of any kind.
  2. Make your own food from fresh ingredients
  3. No Hunger - eat breakfast, at 10:00 am, lunch, at 4:00 pm and dinner.  Choose something from the list below.
  4. Whole Grain Bread, Chicken Breast, Fish, Brown rice, Egg White Omelets with Greens, Vegetables, Grape fruit, Banana, Berries.
  5. Walk one hour with deep breathing every day.
Oxygen burns sugar and fat. Take two caps of
CoQ10 Red daily. CoQ10 helps the breakdown of sugar and fat and turns it into energy. CoQ10 works inside the mitochondria, the power house of every single cell in the body.
Please let us know how much you loose in this one dedicated week. 
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Thanks for being a part of the ANTIAGING family.
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Shoreh Ershadi, Pharm.D., Ph.D., ABAAHP,NRCC,NRCT,ASCP
President and CEO
ANTIAGING Institute of California, Inc.