Sleep in total Darkness.

Your brain does not go into a sleep mode if there is any light around you!

NEURO RELAX contains GABA and Kava Kava.

Neuro RelaxNeuro Relax

Research has shown that working at night and sleeping during the day may increase chances of developing cancer. Scientists suspect that overnight work is dangerous because it disrupts the circadian rhythm, the body's biological clock. The hormone melatonin, which can suppress tumor development, is normally produced at night and in total darkness. When you sleep at night, turn all the lights off. Even night lights. Sleep in total Darkness.  An adequate and restful sleep provides the chance for the brain to recuperate, repair and revitalize.Our Brain cells produce different Neurotransmitters. One of which is GABA - Gamma Amino Butyric Acid.  GABAergic mechanisms have been found in various organs in the body, such as the lungs, liver, stomach, intestine, pancreas, uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, testicles, kidneys and bladder.GABA has a relaxing, anti-anxiety and anticonvulsive effect. GABA is also responsible for the regulation of muscle tone and regulates the growth of embryonic and neuronal stem cells. Alcoholic drinks produce their relaxing effect through GABA receptor stimulation.Natural treatments and supplements have been used for sleep disorders and stress relief, historically over thousands of years to promote healthy sleep, to reduce anxiety, and help with the emotional and physical effects of stress. Kava Kava or Piper Methysticum root extract has also been used to enhance a restful sleep by stimulating the natural production of GABA in brain cells.  Research currently suggests that Kava does not alter levels of dopamine and serotonin in the Central nervous System. Kava is consumed throughout the Pacific Ocean cultures of Polynesia and Australia for its sedating effect without disrupting mental clarity. Kava is used to decrease stress, insomnia, and anxiety, and creates a mild sedation with vivid dreams. Kava is known to improve cognitive performance and promote a cheerful mood and is a muscle relaxant as well.  
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