Q Maxxx, "The pill that stops aging..."

(Readers Digest Nov 2003)
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Q Maxxx, "The pill that stops aging" (Readers Digest Nov. 2003), Helps you Burn fat into energy and increase muscle mass.

Q Maxxx "The Pill That Stops Aging..." (Readers Digest Nov 2003)Muxcle Abs The Maximum Bio-Energetic factor in Q Maxxx, (US Patent 4,602,039) is known as the "wonder nutrient" of the 21st century and is supported by more than 47,000 published articles since 1945. Q Maxxx shuttles fatty acids (the cell's fuel) into the mitochondria where it is converted into energy, enhances mitochondrial repair, and restores the energy producing processes of the mitochondria. Q Maxxx is helpful in sexual enhancement. Read more                                                 
 "The Pill that Stops Aging..."

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