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One of the most common signs of FSH Muscular Dystrophy is the inability to raise one's arms overhead. 

"When I was a kid watching 'Gilligan's Island' I thought Gilligan was amazing because he could raise both of his arms... I could never do that, I just thought it was some sort of super power."


You are invited to join us for the 6th Annual "FiSHing for a Cure" Gala at the Bellevue Hyatt on January 30th.   

Every year supporters come to "FiSHing for a Cure" Gala because it is fabulous, fun and filled with fantastic auction items. This year's theme, "Caribbean Nights," promises to warm your spirits and brighten your winter.  

Since last year's auction Friends of FSH Research has made incredible progress. We used the contributions from the 2009 gala to fund research that lead to breakthroughs which will help our understanding of Facioscapulohumeral (FSH) Muscular Dystrophy. The FSH researchers you helped to launch now have a major grant proposal under review at the National Institutes of Health. A large N.I.H. research grant for FSH could provide these researchers with the resources needed to move us toward pinpointing causes, therapies, and someday, a cure. 

Additionally, this year it was established that FSH, once thought to be a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy, is now considered the most common form of Muscular Dystrophy in the world thus, underscoring the need for increased research funding.

In light of these exciting events we need your support now more than ever. FSH researchers are on the brink of many new discoveries and dedicated FSH funding is critical. Please join us and bring your friends to help Friends of FSH Research raise funds, raise awareness, and raise the roof for this very worthy cause! 

Warmest regards,  

Terry Colella

Carribbean Dancing
Make your plans today - Call 425-827-8954 or email to make your reservations! 

We look forward to spending the evening with you.

Let's "RAISE THE ROOF" for those with FSH Muscular Dystrophy!

Artwork by Jana Rekosh

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