Volume 19                                                                       

 art with science

to create

healing, hope
and health

Chihuly Chandelier  

a gift from  

My Blue Dots


Stem Cell Building,
Stanford University 

Chihuly Chandelier

 Tre Stelle Di Lapislazzuli 

by artist Dale Chihuly     


Chihuly Garden and Glass
Seattle, Washington

Chihuly Boat

Each room a delight to the eye.   

Glass House  
The Glass House   

    Chihuly Garden

The Gardens   



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Message from
           Sue McCollum

  Dear Friends,Sue & Ornament                  

    Our last Newsletter acknowledged the "White Coats" -  those doctors who give of their time, talent and treasure to do research as well as care for us.

    This Newsletter is to, once again, acknowledge that the arts are also a part of the healing process. Dale Chihuly has shared his talents with the world as well as those in Seattle by opening Chihuly Garden and Glass. This is the most ambitious exhibition he has done and shows the breadth and depth of his work.
    Just as the magnificent chandelier he created for the Stem Cell Building at Stanford is not to be missed, this exhibition in Seattle is breathtaking and also stimulates the mind as well as touches the soul...it too should not be missed.
    Put it on your list of to do's and you will enjoy the impact of art on your soul.
                    Until Next Time........

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Chihuly Garden and Glass



It was a magnificent, magical experience,

Each room was a delight to see.

The colors, design and his energy was there

Enchanting to both you and me.


How does one comprehend such beauty?

It's a variety of treats for the eye.

Navajo blankets, collections of unique things

And blown-glass that will make you sigh.


The Glass House was filled with great colors

Bright orange, yellow and red.

This is Dale's most ambitious work

Is what most people said.


The gardens were a great surprise and delight

For each section had a color and theme.

Each one was unique in it's own way

It was like walking through a beautiful dream.


To see the entire works of Dale Chihuly

Gives a distinct picture of the man.

Creative, inventive, but diverse is he

Always moving forward because he can.


Sue McCollum




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