Volume 20                                                                         

 art with science

to create

healing, hope
and health

Failure can start early
-but we try  

Bike Riding   

is also key 


As well as staying focused    
  Ring Tossing  


And concentrating     



Then you dive in and take a risk ...


and success is right around the corner.




"It doesn't matter if you try and try and try again and fail. It does matter if you try and fail, and fail to try again."

Charles Kettering


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Message from
           Sue McCollum
Dear Friends,Sue & Ornament                   

    Often we must fail in order to succeed. If we never try or risk something we will never get outside of our comfort zone and discover something new. This is true in all of life but once again, I would like to acknowledge our research doctors who often experience many failures before they have success.
    I also acknowledge each of you in whatever is your
chosen discipline. Never be discouraged by failure but consider it a step toward success.  
                    Until Next Time........

      CANCER will be
                           CURED sometime
not NOW?




"Failure leads to success,"


Is a statement I heard today.


How do we learn if we do not try?


So failure can't stand in the way.




To never take a risk in thought word or deed


Or to step out and try something new,


To get outside of the conventional box


Is what innovative leaders do.




So it's important to fail some times


To get outside of our comfort zone,


For that's how we meet new challenges


And new concepts are formed and grown.




From holding the golf club to learning the game 


From learning to write to the computer age,


Many failures were first experiences


But failure was not the gauge.




Failure was only the impetus


To encourage men to continue to fight.


To bring to reality the dreams they had


And their failures gave them insight.




So failure can be important


For you as well as for me,


For by stepping outside of our own little box


Is where creative ideas seem to be.



ęSue McCollum




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