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 art with science

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Sips and Sweets

Neiman Marcus Event
Dec. 8, 2011



NM Gift Photo  

Photo card given to each one    

 My Blue Dot Tree

My Blue Dot Tree at
Neiman Marcus - Stanford Center  
Honoring the Cancer Warriors
Sue honoring the cancer warriors.

Stanford Chamber ChoraleStanford Chamber Chorale   


     My Blue Dot tee shirt

Our Volunteer staff in their  

My Blue Dots tee shirts  


Sue, Dr. Koong, Dr. ScheerenDr. Ferenc Scheeren, Sue,  

Dr.Albert Koong  




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Message from
           Sue McCollum
Dear Friends,Sue & Ornament              

The holiday season is the time to remember family and friends and many do this with the ornaments that they hang on their tree. Again this year, Neiman Marcus at the Stanford Center, is selling these one of a kind, hand blown pieces of artwork to celebrate the holiday season as well as to support cancer research at Stanford University Medical Center.


We thank Neiman Marcus for hosting a lovely event this year titled Sips and Sweets. It was a fun and festive event for all. We also thank the Stanford Chamber Chorale for their beautiful music, Sprinkles cupcakes, the My Blue Dot Volunteer staff, and The Stanford Tree mascot that added to the festivities.


Dr. Albert Koong and Dr. Ferenc Scheeren, the beneficiaries of the funds raised by My Blue Dots were also present.


We honored those cancer warriors that are still here and paid a tribute to those whose battle is over. The presence of those that were there was a special holiday present to me and I appreciate all who were in attendance. We are making a difference in helping to find a cure and I thank each of you for your continued support of My Blue Dots.


              Until Next Time........


      CANCER will be
                           CURED sometime
not NOW?



Sips and Sweets



Sips and sweets was what we were served


At this festive event this year.


But we also gathered to honor those


Whom we love and hold so dear.



Those cancer warriors who wear the blue dots


Those tattoos* no one does see,


But these blue dots we're all proud to wear


For they've cured the cancer in you and me.



So we thank Neiman Marcus for providing


This festive event at the mall,


When we gather to celebrate the holiday season


With music and photo's for all.



Many bought My Blue Dot ornaments


To place upon their tree.


To honor those who wear the blue dots


And envision a world - cancer free.



ęSue McCollum




       *before you go through radiation you are tattooed with blue dots 




Blue Dot Ornament

To order your Blue Dot ornament please visit

Neiman Marcus - Stanford Shopping Center 

and select your own unique, hand blown, art piece
to honor you or a friend this season.

You may also order by calling:

Neiman Marcus 
Nicole Dooley
650-329-3300 ex. 3321

Check out the Neiman Marcus Facebook page
featuring the My Blue Dot ornaments
Click here


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