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Tips NewsletterMarch 8,  2011
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In this issue of the newsletter, you'll learn how to score a bullseye with target marketing.


Have you ever played a game of darts? If so, you know that you score the most points when you hit the bullseye, the smallest circle in the target.

Target marketing uses the same principle. The smaller you define your marketing audience, the better your chance of meeting that group's needs. In other words, you'll be more likely to sell legal nurse consultant services if you market to a smaller, but well-defined, group.

I know what you're thinking. In your legal consultant course, they told you that lots of different types of people need your services. You're afraid that you'll lose potential clients if you don't market to everyone in sight. But just because you CAN market to different types of clients doesn't mean you SHOULD. You'll spend time and money and not get the results you want. So let's see how you can score a bullseye by identifying your target market.

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