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Tips Newsletter September 7,  2010
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In this issue of the newsletter, you'll learn about some common logos that LNCs use and how a logo can brand your business.


Logo Branding

A gavel, a caduceus, the scales of justice, a stethoscope, law books, a  tracing from a monitor, a magnifying glass, medical records, a heart. What do all these symbols have in common? They're the most frequent symbols, alone or in combinations, used by legal nurse consultants for their logos.

The symbols make sense. After all, legal nurse consulting is a marriage of the nursing and legal fields. It's natural that LNCs would pick symbols of their combined interests. And as a new legal nurse consultant, you're probably anxious to start marketing your services and want a logo that represents your skills.

But the problem with picking a common symbol to use as a logo is this: other LNCs have likely chosen the same symbol / logo too. That makes it difficult for your potential clients to make a distinction between you and your competitors.

What to do? Read more.

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