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Tips Newsletter August 10,  2010
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In this issue of the newsletter, you'll learn which web pages are popular around the world.



I'm pleased to announce that has been viewed by persons in 50 states and 50 countries. was launched in mid-November, 2009.  Within a few months, its pages had been viewed by legal nurse consultants in all 50 states in the USA. Most provinces in Canada soon followed. Now has  reached another milestone with views from persons in 50 different countries. From Afghanistan to Vietnam, some topics were seen more often than others.  Which pages were the most popular outside the USA and Canada?  Let's take a look.

Have you ever had trouble interpreting illegible handwriting? So did people in Malaysia, Germany, New Zealand and other countries. Here's a tip to help you decipher really bad handwriting.

I don't know if the abbreviations for the words "with," "without," "before," "after" and "every" are used throughout the world. The symbols for these words are the letters c, s, a, p, and q with a line (called an overstrike) above each letter.  But persons in the Czech Republic, Iran, Spain and other countries used this tip to create those medical symbols.

Do they have nursing homes in the Philippines, Australia, France and other countries? People in all those countries have viewed how to organize nursing home records.

The web page that describes how to format and write a medical summary has been viewed by persons in the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Pakistan and other countries.

And the web page that describes how to create a medical chronology was viewed by persons in India, Japan, and South Africa as well as other countries. And it's the page viewed most often by those in the United States and Canada too.

So there you have it. is officially 50-50!

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