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Top 5 Tips Newsletter April 27,  2010
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In this issue of the newsletter, you'll find links to medical malpractice headlines and the top 5 tips of
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Attorneys keep up-to-date on news about medical malpractice cases. Now you can too! has added a scroller for national medical malpractice news. Check out the homepage at for the top medical malpractice headlines of the day with links to full stories. The headlines change daily so be sure to check back every day.  This is another free service brought to you by


Recap of the Top 5 Tips had its 5-month anniversary this month! Below are the top 5  web pages on the site by number of visits:

  1. Medical Chronology. This page describes how to create this common LNC report and includes links to 3-minute videos on how to create a medical chronology.
  2. Fee Schedule. Learn how Market Price, the 3 Times Rule, and the Cost and Profit Model are ways for independent legal nurse consultants to set realistic fee schedules.
  3. Resumes for LNCs. Did you know that your nursing resume doesn't work well when looking for legal nurse consulting jobs or clients? Learn how to tailor your resume to get LNC work.
  4. Expert Fee Schedules. Learn the ins and outs of setting a fee schedule for different nursing expert activities.
  5. Job Search. Whether you are looking for an in-house LNC job or want to work as an independent or expert LNC, you need to know how to focus your job search.
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