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Tools Newsletter February 2,  2010
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I've Made Some Changes to this Newsletter:
  • You told me that you wanted to receive this newsletter more often than monthly.  So starting today, you'll be getting the newsletter just about every week.
  • You also told me that a shorter newsletter would be ideal for your busy time schedule. So instead of getting a Tip, Tool AND Timesaver, you'll be getting a Tip, Tool, OR Timesaver.
  • On a different note, watch for a very special newsletter coming soon. I've got an upcoming contest with a prize you will want to win!
You'll also see some changes on the website:
  • I've made it easier for you to share webpages using email, FaceBook, and other social media.  Look for the symbols next to the logo.
  • Also feel free to try out the links to my new sponsors for the site. I will be periodically adding sponsors of high quality products and services used by successful business persons and legal nurse consultants.

New legal nurse consultants are often so eager to get their first client that they focus their marketing solely on reviewing cases for merit. There's nothing wrong with reviewing cases for merit, but the merit review occurs prior to the lawsuit and generally only plaintiff attorneys require this service. 

There are opportunities to market many LNC services for cases in litigation (after the lawsuit has been filed) to both plaintiff and defense clients. I've got a fun way to test your knowledge of the litigation process and to give you some marketing tactics for various steps in the litigation process. Click on Litigation Crossword to learn more.
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