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Tools Newsletter March 30,  2010
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In this issue of the newsletter, we discuss using medical symbols in reports.


I usually don't recommend using a lot of medical symbols in reports because the use of symbols can slow down non-medical readers or be confusing. But sometimes I get a request to type certain entries in the chart EXACTLY as they appear in the chart, including the abbreviations for the words "with," "without," "before," "after" and "every". The symbols for these words are the letters c, s, a, p, and q with a line (called an overstrike) above each letter.

The problem? Microsoft Word and WordPerfect don't have fonts that have an overstrike over these particular letters. Not to worry...I created the medical symbols for you. Click on document to access the symbols 

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I gave a brief presentation on Chapter Websites at the AALNC Leadership Forum on March 24, 2010. If you are interested in resources to develop a website, you can download the PowerPoint. The links to web resources work in Slide Show view. In Normal view, you have to copy the links and paste them into your web browser. Sorry, but the video portions of the PowerPoint do not work. However, there are links to the websites that I showed in those video portions of the PowerPoint.

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