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Tips Newsletter March 2,  2010
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In this issue of the newsletter, you'll learn how to prevent your great looking reports from having formatting problems.

Oh oh!  That resumé or report that you formatted so carefully might look terrible when your client opens it up from an email attachment. Legal Nurse Consultants need to be aware that electronic documents can look very different if the client doesn't use the same software as the software in which the document was created. And the client or potential client may never tell you that your report looks bad or downright bizarre.  For example, here's a calendar format that I sometimes use to illustrate compliance with treatments and therapies. It was created in Microsoft Word and is supposed to look like this:


But if the client opens it in WordPerfect instead of Word (and a lot of attorneys use WordPerfect), the calendar looks like this instead:

Bad Calendar

Sure, you could buy and use WordPerfect but there's a simple and free solution to this problem. Read more...
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