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Timesavers Newsletter January 2010
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In this issue of the newsletter, we talk about providing a FREE service to your clients, treater lists, and a way to find any computer file instantly.


The word FREE! is one of the most powerful words in marketing.  Some  independent Legal Nurse Consultants provide an hour or two of work for free to attorneys as an initial marketing effort.  Why not give your clients a free report that is truly useful to them and which also helps you?  Treater Lists, discussed in the next section below, are easy and quick to produce and they have the potential to provide you with additional business.  Just make sure that you deduct the time spent creating them so that they are truly free to the client.


A treater is a person who provides care to a patient. In medical-legal cases, a treater list is a concise and comprehensive accounting of individuals who have interacted with the patient.  Not many legal nurse consultants create treater lists because attorneys can obtain lists of treaters through the formal discovery process.

But there are four reasons why you should create a treater list for each set of medical records that you review. And I've got sample treater lists and a video showing you a quick way to make these reports. To find out how treater lists can help you generate more business, click here.

Have you ever gone to the supermarket and wandered the aisles looking for a particular item? To save time, you locate a stock  clerk who leads you past thousands of products directly to the item you need.

I used to waste time trying to locate items, such as old emails and files, in my computer. Now I use an electronic "stock clerk" to locate  files, emails and even websites that I've visited. It locates them in about a nanosecond. And to top it off, it's FREE! Read more to learn about this fabulous timesaver.
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