Coastal Current 
Talk Like a Pirate DaySeptember 16, 2010   Issue 8 

In case ye were too busy buryin' swag to make a note of it, September 19 be fast approachin'. That's the day when all right-thinkin' buccaneers everywhere slap on an eyepatch and/or a peg leg t' celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Yo! Ho! Ho! And a bottle o'Yuengling!


Not far from our Pensacola headquarters, there once sailed bold, cold-blooded privateers and opportunists like Blackbeard, Lafitte and Billy Bowlegs. Millions in plundered treasure, buried and never retrieved, are thought to lie unclaimed beneath those shiftin' sands. We was hopin' a few pieces-of-eight might surface when we broke ground for new greenhouses, but if they did, the excavator kept it under his bandana.

Cedar House 



Landlocked Lancaster has little pirate lore in its trove, obviously; our legends involve horse thieves like the Buzzard gang who terrorized Welsh Mountain.


Nowadays we busy ourselves dividin' golden foliage: See "What's Hot" starboard.

Pirate Gold 
A treasure trove of Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola'

HORTISCOPE: Brigands of the Zodiac

Virgo: Batten yer hatches! There's a heavily-armed sloop on yer horizon, flyin' the Jolly Roger n' fixin' t' drop anchor in yer lagoon. Avast, there, Capricorn: Is that a sextant in yer pocket, or are ye just happy t'see us? Har!



ECG Truck"Arrr! Thanks very much for shipping Florida product to your Pennsylvania location so we can pick it up. The back haul keeps us from gettin' keelhauled on shippin'!"
~ Paul Westervelt, Saunders Bros. Nursery


Don't be sittin' there stuck to yer seat like a barnacle, ye scurvy scalawag! Cop a little pirattitude, hoist a pint o'grog, 'n swash yer buckles. If yer mate sold yer pegleg on eBay after last year's party, and if an eyepatch makes ye bump into things (never drive while wearin' an eyepatch! Don't even putt!), ye can at least tie on a bandana. Yar!


And if ye be hankerin' for more piratical pranks 'n pointers, just fix yer sights on and let Cap'n Slappy show ye the ropes. Cast off!


John Friel
John Friel
Marketing Manager 

What's Hot

We be up to our gunnels in new Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola', 'All Gold', 'Naomi' and 'Nicholas'. A few o' the crew took a shine to 'All Gold', until the squiffy landlubbers discovered it was a plant. Har!

Hakonechloa Naomi

Back in ought-nine, H. m. 'Aureola' was crowned Perennial Plant of the Year and Southern growers howled like they was walkin' the plank at swordpoint. Why, they thought this beauty would languish like a becalmed galleon in latitudes below Maryland.


But opportunity makes us all dig deeper into our bag o'tricks. Sales swelled like a spinnaker fillin' with wind, and not just to northern states. Last year, our liners disappeared quicker'n a doubloon in the purse of a tar on leave. We've crowded on sail and increased production to belay a reprise of that little disappointment, but don't tarry. Lay hands on the booty while ye can.



We told ye last month about Dianthus 'Bath's Pink.' Now, welcome aboard Raspberry Surprise ('Devon Yolande', PP16029) and Rosy Cheeks ('Valda Louise', PP14045). They be short, compact, fine in pot or border, and fragrant as an offshore breeze from the Spice Islands. Both hail from the bounty of Brit breeder John Whetman, with passage to the Americas on the good ship PlantHaven just a tide or two after our new catalog sailed. What? Ye don't have our new catalog? Demand one immediately! 

Dianthus Raspberry Surprise
Dianthus 'Devon Yolande' Raspberry Surprise
Dianthus Rosy Cheeks 
Dianthus 'Valda Louise'
Rosy Cheeks
 Dianthus Raspberry Surprise