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Eye on Your HealthSeptember 2012
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It has been a productive month for the Montana Credit Union League (MCUL) Group Benefits Trust. The Trustees have met twice to determine benefits and rates for 2013. Additionally, we had our first User Forum. We are excited to share details in this month's newsletter.

As always, if you have any questions be sure to contact Tabitha via email or at 406-324-7375. We are so pleased to have you be a part of this successful cooperative endeavor.



Tracie Kenyon, Chairman
Tabitha Garvin, Executive Director
Montana Credit Union League Group Benefit Trust 


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2013 Rates
URx Pharmacy Benefit
User Forum Recap
2013 Rates


After much research and deliberation, the Trustees established rates for 2013. The Trust will continue to offer the same four health benefit plans, all of which will include the women's preventative benefits required by PPACA for 2013. Details on the benefit plans are available on our Health Benefits webpage.  


The pharmacy benefit will be changing -- with improved cost and improved benefits for many users. We will be conducting special webinars to walk you and your employees through the new program called URx. See the article on URx below for more information.  


Those meeting the eligibility requirements of our Healthy You! Wellness Program will receive a wellness renewal rate of 7.85%; the standard renewal rate is 10.85%. Renewal packets will be distributed in mid-October.


The Trust also offers add-on insurance for Dental and Vision coverage. The Trustees have repriced these benefits to make them more competitive and, thus, a viable option for more of our credit unions. If you are currently purchasing Dental and Vision coverage through another provider, consider taking another look at our self-funded plans. Those already subscribing to these benefits will see a cost reduction in 2013.  


URx -- Your Pharmacy Plan

Imagine a pharmacy program that provides many individuals the right drug prescription for their medical issue without a deductible and co-pay. Imagine a pharmacy program that classifies drugs according to what is medically the best option for an individual, rather than the typical price-based system of generic, formulary, and non-formulary. 


Let me introduce you to URx, an evidence-based prescription drug management program that is a cooperative endeavor developed by local doctors, pharmacists, and consumers in Montana. Our goal is to equip each person with the information they need to make informed decisions about their prescriptions and the associated costs.

URx provides an "Ask a Pharmacist" hotline that employs pharmacists who can work with individuals to explain costs associated with particular prescriptions and alternative drugs that may be available for the individual. In addition, URx has no deductible, and -- for those with a High Deductible Health Plan  -- certain preventative medications will be covered before the deductible has been met.

We can offer a pharmacy program like URx only because we are self-funded. It is a program that makes sense for everyone. Overall, many individuals will pay less because there is no deductible and zero co-pay for Tier A drugs, and the Trust anticipates savings of over $60,000 next year -- a savings that allowed us to offer a lower renewal rate for 2013.

Be watching next month for all the details, including the schedule of informational webinars. It is vital to a smoother transition that all staff using the program be allowed time to participate in one of the webinars.  


User Forum Recap

Tracie Kenyon, Chairman, Tabitha Garvin, Executive Director, and Richard Miltenberger, Mountain West Benefits Consultant, provided information on the MCUL Health Benefits Trust on September 12 in Bigfork, MT. Topics discussed included
  • Trustee activities
  • Medical Plans & Wellness Program
  • Financial Condition
  • Health Care Reform  
  • URx Pharmacy Program

If you missed the User Forum, you can listen to the recording until October 30, 2012. The slide presentation is also available. Email Tabitha if you're interested.   


Another User Forum will be scheduled for 2013.   


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