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June 2012Vol 3, Issue 6
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"The key to change... is to let go of fear."
Rosanne Cash


As you read in this issue, quite a bit of transition is taking place here at MCUCD as we say goodbye to Jeanne Saarinen. It is a bittersweet time for me. Jeanne has been an amazing supervisor and mentor for many years, and I will miss working with her. At the same time, I'm thrilled for the new adventure Jeanne is about to experience.


Jeanne's departure gives me the opportunity to accept a promotion and step into the position of MCUCD Executive Director. I feel that it is Jeanne's guidance, leadership, and friendship that has prepared me for this role, and for that, I will be forever grateful.


Many of you probably agree that change is the most natural thing in the world. But, at times, we're all afraid of changes, even good ones. Fear of the unknown is also natural, but we can deal with it. To change means to grow up. To change means to make progress. To change means to make your life better. Change will make you stronger. Change will make you wiser. Change will help you know yourself.



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Making a Difference
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Making A Difference

After 23 Years Dedicated to Montana's Credit Unions
We Say Farewell to Jeanne Saarinen

by Tracie Kenyon, President/CEO, MCUN


JeanneIt is with mixed emotions that I write this column; as you know Jeanne Saarinen has accepted a wonderful position as Executive Director for the Foundation for the Diocese of Helena, serving Catholic churches and organizations throughout western Montana. This is a truly exciting move for Jeanne -- she has the opportunity to marry her passion for helping people through non-profits with her deep spirituality. A perfect fit for her!


Jeanne's contributions to MCUCD will never be forgotten. As the first Executive Director she has molded this organization from a simple concept into an entity that neither of us even imagined. Her vision, passion, and tenacity for "doing right" guided MCUCD from its first grant application to the many successful programs we offer today.


She is always quick to share the credit, and while I agree that credit is due to many individuals and organizations that have assisted MCUCD along its path, this tribute is dedicated solely to her. Montana's credit unions, our partner organizations, and folks from across the Big Sky will miss Jeanne as a tireless advocate for building financial products that truly enhance lives. I will miss Jeanne as a part of the management of our greater organization: especially her wisdom and candor.


People have asked me if I am "shocked" at Jeanne's departure. The answer is "no." True to Jeanne's form, she discussed this job opportunity with me in the early stages of the process, providing me plenty of time to process... I was confident that she would be the successful candidate because she's ready to take the next step in her career. I also knew it because she has taken steps to ensure the stability and sustainability of MCUCD -- the mark of a true leader.


So now you understand my mixed emotions -- it's hard to say goodbye to someone that you respect so much, but that's also why it's easy to say goodbye. I understand that it's time for her to go and be wonderful somewhere else... and she will be! Thanks Jeanne -- we will miss you!


Farewell Picnic for Jeanne
Jeanne Golf
Join Us! 
Please join us Thursday, June 28, for a farewell picnic -- stop by Lincoln Park in Helena anytime between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. to celebrate Jeanne's many contributions and wish her well.

Questions?  Contact MCUN Office Manager Kara Connors 
at 1-800-745-5546, ext. 120.

Consumer Topic of the Month
Food Budget

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Determining a reasonable amount to spend on food each month has its challenges. The Consumer Resource Center's June "Topic of the Month," Managing Your Food Dollars, provides resources and tips to help educate your members and people in your community on ways to manage their food budget.


Visit our Consumer Resource page to access resources for the current "Topic of the Month," including a newsletter article, poster, resource guide, featured resource, and the same documents from past months. Use them to educate your members, clients, and community on consumer topics that will help them through financial highs and lows!