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November 2010Vol 1, Issue 7
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Director of Outreach Services's the beautiful, colorful season when we all begin reflecting on the past year.  Taking stock of the challenges, issues, and stress we may have encountered along the way.  But let's not forget to look back on the tremendous opportunities and successes we encountered as we begin strategizing for the year ahead.  November is a month of Thanksgiving and an opportunity for us to truly pinpoint the things in our lives that we are thankful for.


Here at MCUCD we are very thankful for our credit unions, partners, volunteers and credit union members for the continued support they show us throughout the year.  More importantly, we're appreciative of the work everyone is doing to make a difference in the lives of every hardworking individual and family across our state.  Keep up the great work!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Making a Difference
Helping Montanans Finance Education
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Making A Difference

Harvest BearsPlushland stuffed animals might be small, cute, and fuzzy, but they have helped MCUCD raise an amazing amount of money to support our four core programs. Since November 2009, the Plushland fundraiser, with the generous help of credit unions, has raised almost $9,000! Plushland stuffed animals are sold at 20 credit unions in Montana and are designed to fit with the season. Currently, credit unions are selling stuffed bears dressed up as turkeys and scarecrows. 

Eileen Perea, who oversees the Plushland operation at Billings Federal Credit Union remarked, "We are pleased to be able to support such a great organization that helps so many people. Everyone loves the variety of the toys and they are a nice gift for anyone!" 

Visit the MCUCD website for more information on the Plushland Fundraiser.  If your credit union or organization would like to become involved in the Plushland fundraiser please contact Jeanne Saarinen

Helping Montanans Finance Education 
college graduate jumping for joy in a griz colored gownMCUCD was recently awarded $117,600 from Assets for Independence (AFI) for the Montana Matched Education Savings Account (MT MESA). The project is a partnership of the Student Assistance Foundation, Carroll College, University of Montana, MCUCD, and local credit unions in Missoula and Helena.  
Adding the MESA program will distribute $200,000 of financial and educational assistance among 78 hardworking, first-generation college students, allowing them to succeed in their pursuit of higher education. MT MESA will target current Univeristy of Montana and Carroll students who, due to lack of funds, are struggling to complete their degrees. Watch for more information on this exciting program!

Watch for more information about this exciting new program.
Consumer Topic of the Month
CRC GraphicManaging Your Mortgage 
In this economy, Montana families are under serious financial strain to meet their expenses, especially their monthly mortgage payments. Although still low compared to the rest of the nation, Montana's 2009 foreclosure rate was triple what it had been in 2005. Fortunately, homeowners who are concerned about making their mortgage payments can take steps to avoid foreclosure.
Visit the Consumer Topic of the Month page to learn about the options available to help homeowners manage their mortgage in these difficult times.