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Spring fUn! 

I was sick - so most classes start THIS coming week! 

4/21 & 4/23 & 4/26 & 4/27 & we accept LATE registrations and you can MAKE-UP missed classes!

UNlimited Make-ups (all but 1 within the term)   


             Phone: (888) 703-4PCU & Mobile Office: (571) 643-1002

We are a small mom-owned business dedicated to helping children and families. Please share this newsletter and/or our flyers with a friend.
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Classes for Parents & Teachers

Classes for Children

& f▄n for all!
Serving the Greater DC area since 2005.  
Signing Smart™
Parent-Tot Classes
start this week!
We do accept late registrations. 
Signing Smart ASL classes for babies and toddlers (Beginner, Intermediate, Holiday, & Zoo)  

Signing Smart™: Beginner (Birth - 2yrs.) 
8 Mondays, 4/23/12  11:00 - 11:50
Registration #: 310200A
8 Thursdays, NOW 04/26/12 4:30 - 5:20    Registration #: 310200B  

Register Here
or call  
(703) 228-4747
  (571) 643-1002
FR*EE Kindermusik
Preview Classes 
with "Miss Tracey" &
our Spring & Summer Class Listings...

Baby Boy    

Come read, rhyme, sing and sign the Kindermusik« , ABC Music & Me« and Sign & Sing (created by Signing Smart«)! Come find out why Kindermusik« is the world's leading seller of curricula for 0-7 year-olds worldwide. Come experience the joy of parent education through child enrichment!  


Click HERE to see
Spring & Summer 2012 Kindermusik Classes   


Spring Kindermusik

Classes Start  

THIS Week:  


* 8 Fridays at Fairlington Center, Arlington

Our Time 10:30-11:20, 4/27 (new start)     


* 8 Saturdays at Fairlington Center, Arlington

Our Time 9:30-10:20, 4/21 (makeups)

Village 10:30-11:20, 4/21 (makeups) 

Village 11:45-12:35, 4/21 (makeups) 


If you have any difficulties registering lease simply e-mail for your  "instructor permission" to join late.

You can make up missed classes (within the term and one outside of the term since I am getting this out late :).  


Signing Smart
Infant & Toddler Teacher Workshop

Presented byTracey Kretzer, MS, Lincensed Signing Smart Instructor

Encourage your child care center and/or babysitter to sign with your baby or toddler in just seconds a day and increase your child's IQ, ability to communicate, and confict resolution skills!  Toddler asks for BALL by signing instead of crying or grabbing!  Here a 14 month-old child (behind teacher) signs "BALL" and the toddler gives him the ball!! No crying, no whining, no grabbing, or interrupting the teacher!  
The National Institute of Health (NIH)

showed that babies & toddlers who were signed to as children had an average of

12 point higher IQ
by age 8!

Click here:  
PCU Baby Signs CRY instead of CRYING!

Register TODAY by calling
Details online &
(571) 643-1002  or (888) 703-4PCU  

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 Make-up Class Policy  &
Make-up Scheduler!
Feel better & come back to class soon at Parent Child U presents Kindermusik  

Search for classes by
location, teacher, or dates and have a reminder with maps sent
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ANY Class type during the
Season you are registered!
This provides a   HUGE true cost savings when you can really attend the number of classes you've paid for!


re"NEW"ed at PCU! 

Playground DiplomacyTM

Since 2005 

Playground Diplomacy by Parent Child U!
Playground DiplomacyTM social-emotional learning program
Created by an experienced elementary school counselor, parent educator, child enrichment specialist, and  Parent Child University, LLC founder, this class is one of a kind! Part play class, part parenting/teaching class, come explore conflict resolution topics through literature, puppets, music, ASL, movement, crafts, noncompetitive parachute and other games, and more. Come enjoy research-proven methods of learning child to child and parent to parent "Playground Diplomacy." Feelings, compliments, empathy, problem-solving, bully-busting tattling vs. reporting, anger management, stress, self control, and more will be explored. Come learn and have FUN!  Class Previously offered at FCPS & Arlington County Recreation since 2005! 


Come Learn & Play  

with us!


Ages: 5-7, 7-9, 9-11   


 Dr. Sears' Program   

Dr. Sears' LEAN Programs: LIfestyle, Exercise, Attitude & Nutrition at PCU


Dr. Sears' LEAN Programs: LIfestyle, Exercise, Attitude & Nutrition at PCU 

  Give us a call! 


Meet "Miss Tracey"


"Miss" Tracey Kretzer has taught over 2,000 children, so you may know her. Here's more...  


Tracey Kretzer, M.S., LPSC

Tracey Kretzer knows children. She has made their well-being her life's work, and their response to her is a key reason why her Parent Child Üniversity has been so successful in the D.C. area. As its founder, the guiding principal of Parent Child U, Tracey is an astute businesswoman who hasn't lost sight of the mission: To help create a joyous relationship between a confident parent and a child open to the world and its possibilities. Her two girls (8 and 6), toddler boy (2), and hundreds of children and parents she teaches a year are a testament to her skill.

It's Tracey's emphasis on parenting that first distinguished her as she developed her credentials, which include a B.A., magna cum laude, in psychology and an M.S. in educational psychology from SUNY at Albany, as well as her Professional School Counseling License from George Mason University. During her ten years in the Fairfax County school system, she pioneered numerous elementary counseling programs, peer mediation programs, and parenting seminars. There she gained a reputation as the "go- to" person for advice and creative solutions.

When she became a parent herself, in an effort to balance work and family, Tracey found a research-based child enrichment program that included a bit of parent education with music education, Kindermusik«. From there, she learned about the power of combining music with American Sign Language and Conscious Discipline« and developed her sought-after R.O.C.K.-n-R.O.L.L.TM social emotional teacher training/child enrichment program.  This summer she pioneers her own NEW Positively Disciplined TM  class.  Come experience the winning combination andLearn, Read, Rhyme, Sing & Sign TM with us at Parent Child University today!   


Please browse & forward :) our PDF of all of our current  

parent, teacher and child programs to your friends, teachers, directors, and principals. Thank y0u!


Positively Disciplined!
Absolutely, Positively! 

Teachers, parents, and grandparents, come explore research-proven methods for disciplining yourself and your 0-11 year-old child! Learn tips heralded by the best in the field and share your ideas and concerns too! No judgements - only positive solutions for your parenting toolbox! Created by a certified parent educator, experienced elementary school counselor, child enrichment specialist, and the founder of Playground Diplomacy™ and Parent Child U«, this class is sure make the difference you are seeking and/or the reinforcement you deserve! Just a few of the many topics we will discuss include: child and brain development, speech and language, feelings-management, problem-solving, bully-busting, tattling vs. reporting, school, and more!  Build a stronger, more positive relationship with your child and be the parent you always knew you could be! Be confident knowing you are helping your child be the responsible adult you know they can become! Absolutely, Positively!    
Ages: Adult                  6 Sessions                  $132.00 


  440201A  Sat., Jun. 30, 2:30-4:30 p.m. 


  Fairlington Center.  Inst.: Kretzer 


Ages: Adults                  6 Sessions                  $132.00 


  440201B  Thurs., Jun. 28, 6:00-8:00 p.m. 


  Fairlington Center.  Inst.: Kretzer

REGISTRATION starts in mid-May! 
Greetings Parent Child ▄ Families,

I hope this note finds you well! I have not been, so I cancelled  most of our first week of classes. So, the good news is, I am now on antibiotics and most of our classes have not started yet! So, please join us starting this Monday, 4/23 for Signing Smart 11:00 (3 spots left) or Thursday, 4/26 (5 spots left), or join us for Kindermusik Our Time Friday, 4/27 10:30 (2 spots left) and Saturday 9:30 (2 spots left) or Kindermusik Village Saturday 10:30 (3 spots left) or 11:45 (6 spots left). The one Saturday class that you may have missed, you are welcome to make up this or next term (since this newsletter is getting out late)! Please invite a friend to register and we will give you $10!

PC▄ is  a mom-owned/run small business trying to make a difference in the community. Now with 3 kids (8,6, and 2),  I could use a hand getting the word out about our many amazing, research-based programs by forwarding this e-mail and/or posting our flyers around town. Thank YO in advance!
   - Miss Tracey :)

Parent Child classes are the BEST VALUE PER CLASS in the area! Each class session is an unheard of 50-minutes and we encourage UNLIMITED Make-Up Classes!

Not sure what class to choose? See our photos & video clips of each class type - all hyper-linked below too!

We have a variety of award-winning research-based classes to choose from including: 


Child Enrichment Classes at PC▄   


  Positively Disciplined! TM   NEW!

           Coming this summer!  



Kindermusik at Parent Child U for 0-7 year-olds 
(Birth - 16/18 mos.)
 Kindermusik: Village (0-1.5 yrs.) at Parent Child U

 Sign & Sing
(6 mos. -  3 yrs.)

 Our Time
(16/18 mos. -
Under 4)
Kindermusik: Our Time at Parent Child U

 Imagine That
(3-5 yrs.)
Kindermusik: Imagine That at Parent Child U with Miss Tracey :)

 Young Child(4-7 years)
Kindermusik: For The Young Child (5-7 yrs.) at Parent Child U

 Family Time
(Birth - 5 years; older children & infants FR*EE!  with a registered sibling)
Family Time multi-age class

Signing Smart™ (0-2 yrs.)
Signing Smart at Parent Child University, LLC

(BIRTH but recommended 5 mos. - 2 yrs.)

(9 mos/walking recommended - 2 yrs
(BIRTH but recommended 5 mos. - 2 yrs.)
 Holiday (BIRTH but recommended 5 mos. - 2 yrs.)

ABC Music & Me! In-school music! 
 ABC Music & Me (created by Kindermusik) for preschools & schools!  
 (2-4 yrs.) in English or Spanish
 (4-6 yrs.) in English or Spanish

Playground Diplomacy™
 (2-4 yrs.)
 (4-6 yrs.)

Parenting & Teacher/Administrator Training

Positively Disciplined!TM

Signing Smart™
   Signing Smart™ Parent Workshop
   Signing Smart™ Infant/Toddler Teacher Workshop

Dunstan Baby Language

The Happiest Baby/Toddler on the Block

Playground Diplomacy™

Dr. Sears'L.E.A.N.(Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, Nutrition) 
Dr. Sears' LEAN Programs: LIfestyle, Exercise, Attitude & Nutrition at PCU& Dr. Sears' LEAN Programs: LIfestyle, Exercise, Attitude & Nutrition at PCU
♥ & MORE!

Need help? Give us a call to find the best class for you/your child at (571) 643-1002 or (888) 703-4PC▄ or simply e-mail us at We also offer Parent Coaching and Birthday Party Entertainment! We look forward to seeing you in class!

Simply the Best to You,

"Miss" Tracey  :)   

Parent Child University, LLC
"Miss Tracey" Kretzer, MS, LPSC, Founder & CEO of Parent Child U, LLC




Parent Child U Presents Kindermusik (0-7 years)

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1 Fr*ee 
Book your child's Parent Child ▄ Birthday Party!
THEMES: Pirates and/or Princesses, Trains, Balls, Animals, Sports, Dogs,
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