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Summer Splash!

Classes Start:

7/22 & 7/23 - we accept LATE registrations and you can MAKE-UP missed classes!

UNlimited Make-ups (all but 1 within the term)   

             Phone: (888) 703-4PCU & Mobile Office: (571) 643-1002

We are a small mom-owned business dedicated to helping children and families. Please share this newsletter and/or our flyers with a friend.
Thank you!! Offering: Parenting Classes for Parents, Enrichment Classes for Childen, and fUn for all!

Classes for Parents & Teachers

Classes for Children

& f▄n for all!
Serving the Greater DC area since 2005.
Earn a FR* EE class on us or $100
ALL offers considered!...
Please HELP us
sell our
historic Fairlington home!
We will miss our lovely 4-level townhouse (including expandable attic space), on a cul-de-sac with awesome neighbors with great kids right by the pool, right near the Shirlington shops and busses to DC, but, with 3 kids and 2 bedrooms, we have outgrown it. 
S. Woodrow St. Fairlington townhouse for sale, finder's fee $100
For more information and a video display, please click the picture or visit;

You can also share this  

4-page brochure of our home

   Every major appliance is new or newer. In addition, we replaced the HVAC and even the furnace. We thought we'd make the attic another bedroom and stay forever, but now my hubby no longer works in DC, so we can move outside the beltway and have more space!

To make the mortgage, I will be teaching in Arlington forever! So keep coming to class :).


Good Luck
Miss Laura!

We will miss you! 


Laura Daub Signing Smart Instructor signs BUTTERFLY at PCU

Three years ago, in 2008, I was swamped with business and a friend offered to lend a hand (no pun intended :).
Since then, I have quit my school counseling job to do this full-time, the economy has crashed, she has had another baby, I have had another baby and yet we still kept on offering classes to help children, families, and our own family budgets. However, these classes are so expensive to run, her first year, I lost money offering her classes. Her second year, I made $600 on them for my time and the props and insurance, etc., yet ended up spending $300 of that on paying her for her demo classes and training and the other half on diplomas and gifts for the families for attending. So, we tried it for one more year. With a new percentage split and class minimum fee, some classes she got a raise and others she got paid less. Unfortunately, I still just can't get the numbers to work. Laura ended up making three times more than I did last year for teaching a lot less without the marketing or business risks/responsibilities /expenses. As much as I would like to, with three kids now, I just can't keep up this pace for no literal pay-off.

However, anyone that knows me knows that my true pay-off has been immense knowing the huge difference I have made in the lives of children and families.
I have also made a
good friend in Laura.

I wish Laura well as she hopefully continues to do this on her own after our agreed upon 6-month separation. A new competitor and a new friendly challenge! In the meantime, this fall, I will be offering an 8-week Signing Smart Zoo/Holiday combined class that includes all of the Signing Smart strategies and everyday signs. I will also continue to include ASL in all of my other child and adult classes alike! Please keep me in mind and or watch for Laura's possible classes next winter!?


Positive Discipline II Through


Conscios Discipline logo with Miss Tracey at Parent Child U

Wednesday, October 19th  


Walter Reed Center

Arlington, VA

It is not necessary to have taken Positive Discipline,I to attend. This class will concentrate on Becky Bailey's Principles 5-10.


Presented by:  

Tracey Kretzer, MS, LPSC, CCDI
Ages: Adults  

Cost: $32 (priceless!)

Code: 140201A  


REGISTER at the end of August with the code or invite your child's teacher/principal!    


Just Ask About Our
 Make-up Class Policy  &
Make-up Scheduler!
cowboy missed you in KI CLASS!  

Search for classes by
location, teacher, or dates and have a reminder with maps sent
directly to you!

ANY Class type during the
Season you are registered!
This provides a   HUGE true cost savings when you can really attend the number of classes you've paid for!

Signing Smart
Infant & Toddler Teacher Workshop

Presented byTracey Kretzer, MS, Lincensed Signing Smart Instructor

Encourage your child care center and/or babysitter to sign with your baby or toddler in just seconds a day and increase your child's IQ, ability to communicate, and confict resolution skills!  Toddler asks for BALL by signing instead of crying or grabbing!  Here a 14 month-old child (behind teacher) signs "BALL" and the toddler gives him the ball!! No crying, no whining, no grabbing, or interrupting the teacher!  
The National Institute of Health (NIH)

showed that babies & toddlers who were signed to as children had an average of

12 point higher IQ
by age 8!

Click here:  
PCU Baby Signs CRY instead of CRYING!

Register TODAY by calling
Details online &
(571) 643-1002  or (888) 703-4PCU  

FR*EE Demo Classes
with "Miss Tracey" Kretzer!  
Tressa says,


Come read, rhyme, sing and sign the Kindermusik« , ABC Music & Me« and Sign & Sing (created by Signing Smart«) way with Becky Bailey's I Love You Rituals

too! Come find out why Kindermusik« is the world's leading seller of curricula for 0-7 year-olds worldwide. Come experience the joy of parent education through child enrichment!  


Automated Demo Scheduler Anytime!

Summer 2011 Kindermusik Classes
(Skipping 8/5 & 8/6)  


* Fridays at Fairlington Center, Arlington

Village 9:30-10:20, 7/22

Our Time 10:30-11:20, 7/22    


*Saturdays at Fairlington Center, Arlington

Our Time 9:30-10:30, 7/23

Imagine That 10:30-11:30, 7/23  

Village 11:45-12:35, 7/23    


Please simply e-mail for your  "instructor permission" to join late.

You can make up missed classes (within the term and one outside of the term since I am getting this out late :).  


NEW at PCU!    



 ROCK-n-ROLL with us at Parent Child U and learn Conscious Discipline! 

with us!

R.ituals O.f C.onnection K.nowingly N.urturing R.elationships of L.ove & L.earning™!


Research proves that "Connections on the outside create cortolimbic connections on the inside!" This class is designed to teach social-emotional skills to all children and their parents and teachers through music, stories, and the arts. Learn through play in this dynamic, life-changing class!   

Designed by a Certified Conscious Discipline« Instructor, Professional School Counselor, and the Founder of Parent Child University, who knows families, come learn, read, rhyme, sing, and sign™ with us! 

Ages: 2-5, 5-7, 7-9, etc.  

Share with your Preschool or Elementary School Today: ROCK-n-ROLL Flyer

 & See a Video of a similar program VIDEO HERE.    


Miss Tracey & your
volunteer "CD in DC Team!"

Becky Bailey, Ph.D. and her

 Loving Guidance team ARE coming for a 2-Day Conference (video) to the area...

Fall 2012!

Click picture (in the coming weeks) for full details!

Conscious Discipline in DC/Northern VA Team!

Keith McIntire, Executive Director of Loving Guidance, Inc., Donna Dickerson, Director of Georgetown Law Early Childhood Center, Mandy Lloyd, Director of Little Beginnings, and Tracey Kretzer, Parent Child Founder & CEO (June 2011)

As so many of you know, I am a professional school counselor and parent educator by trade. When I found Becky Bailey at a Kindermusik Convention in 2007 and her research-based, FUN, and extraordinarily affordable books, CDs, DVDs, and trainings, I just knew I had to help spread the  

good word.


Upon becoming a Certified Conscious Discipline Instructor in February 2010 with 3 kids (my youngest being just one month-old) I started my efforts to bring Becky here with a call to fellow CCDIs and a trip to my daughter's principal for ideas. After tons of pro bono speaking engagements and tons of donated time working at various professional meetings, and donating tons of CD products to schools and community members, I went to see Becky at VAECE in March.


Remember March? The Egypt revolution weeks prior, the earthquakes and disasters in Japan? It felt like the whole world was calling out for help. I find so many answers in Becky Bailey's heart and her work to help children and families; I eagerly reconnected with several people at VAECE who felt the same. Four of us met in May and decided that we would each put our own appeal in for Becky to add DC to her CD calendar. I personally wrote a handwritten 6-page letter to Becky explaining how the impact her work has had upon my life, both personally and professionally. Amazingly, I got an e-mail from her Executive Director, Keith McIntire a few weeks later. He was flying up to DC meet with our team!!  


Our small team reached out to many dedicated professionals in the area - private and public elementary schools, colleges, preschools, and child care centers, and our team has grown! Please support our efforts by encouraging your child's school to join in this amazing journey.  


Also, if you know of a host, we are still searching for an affordable rental space/school/other location. Loving Guidance, has amazinly offered to handle all registrations and rental fees and arrangements, however, please ask your principal/director/superintendent if they might consider taking on those responsibilities and hosting. The financial payoff is quite substantial, and the institutional payoff is priceless!!

Simply contact Keith at Loving Guidance fore more details!    


Then in Fall 2012...

please join us for a Becky Bailey Parent Night the evening before her 2-Day Conference!  


Join us for the 2-Day Conference (video)  


Encourage or even sponsor your child's principal/director/teachers!


Simply wish us well in our efforts to help children and families.


We are all in this together.

We all make a difference!


Here's to Becky in the DC area in 2012! 


Becky Bailey, Ph.D. creator of Conscious Discipline (Loving Guidance)
Becky Bailey, Ph.D.
creator of Conscious Discipline (Loving Guidance, Inc.)

Shubert's Classroom

is now LIVE!

Please share with your child's teacher, nanny, or child care provider. 

Shubert's Classroom by Dr. Becky Bailey: Conscious Discipline 
Click on Shubert's classroom above to see how Dr. Bailey's Conscious Discipline structures can transform any classroom or home! The imbedded concepts Becky gives away here! You can also purchase her tools at extraordinarily reasonable rates for your home or school. Teachers, playgroups and moms need tools! Parent Child U has donated well over $1,000 worth of time and tools to the community. But I can't do it alone. Please help get the word out about this amazing program. :)
Related classes to learn more,
offer one of these at your

school, PTA, playgroup, or home:

R.O.C.K.-n-R.O.L.L.: social-emotional learning for teachers & students
Becoming Brain Smart : parent and/or teacher training sessions
Conscious Discipline LIVE : parent or teacher video training series

Call (571) 643-1002 for more information!

Greetings Parent Child ▄ families,

Has it really been over 100 degrees several times this week? Friday it is supposed to be over 100 again! Come get out of the heat and have fn at our many Parent Child ▄ child enrichment, parent education and/or teacher training Summer Splash! 
PC▄ is  a mom-owned small business trying to make a difference in the community. Now with 3 kids (7.5, 5.5, and 1.5),  I could use a hand getting the word out about our many amazing, research-based programs by forwarding this e-mail and/or posting our flyers around town. Thank YO in advance!    - Miss Tracey :)

Summer classes tend to fill and since we offer fewer of them. However, I was late getting this out (we are hoping to move to a bigger house) we still have 6 spots left in our Friday 9:30 Kindermusik Village (0-1.5 yrs.) class and 1 spot left in our Saturday 11:45 class. We also have 2 spots left in both of our Friday 10:30 Kindermusik Our Time (16 mos. - 3 yrs.) class and our Saturday 9:30 class. We unfortunately, had to close our Signing Smart Thursday 5:30 class due to low enrollment. 

Parent Child classes are the BEST VALUE PER CLASS in the area! Each class session is an unheard of 50-minutes and we encourage UNLIMITED Make-Up Classes!
Not sure what class to choose? See our photos & video clips of each class type - all hyper-linked below too!

We have a variety of award-winning research-based classes to choose from including: 


Child Enrichment Classes at PC▄  

Conscious Discipline«
Conscios Discipline logo with Miss Tracey at Parent Child U

* Conscious Discipline: I Love You Rituals social-emotional learning
  (0-5 yrs.)
I Love You Rituals, Vol. 1 CD by Becky Bailey, Ph.D. &  at PCU!


 * Conscious Discipline: R.O.C.K.-n-R.O.L.L. social-emotional learning!    (3-5 yrs., 6-8 yrs., 8-10 yrs.)  

Mind's program in Florida - similar to ROCK-n-ROLL with Tracey KretzerNEW! Social emotional learning through music, art, and literature! Give this FLYER to your preschool or elementary school today!


Kindermusik (0-7 yrs.)«  
Kindermusik at Parent Child U for 0-7 year-olds 
(Birth - 16/18 mos.)
 Kindermusik: Village (0-1.5 yrs.) at Parent Child U

 Sign & Sing
(6 mos. -  3 yrs.)

 Our Time
(16/18 mos. -
Under 4)
Kindermusik: Our Time at Parent Child U

 Imagine That
(3-5 yrs.)
Kindermusik: Imagine That at Parent Child U with Miss Tracey :)

 Young Child(4-7 years)
Kindermusik: For The Young Child (5-7 yrs.) at Parent Child U

 Family Time
(Birth - 5 years; older children & infants FR*EE!  with a registered sibling)
Family Time multi-age class

Signing Smart™ (0-2 yrs.)
Signing Smart at Parent Child University, LLC

(BIRTH but recommended 5 mos. - 2 yrs.)

(9 mos/walking recommended - 2 yrs
(BIRTH but recommended 5 mos. - 2 yrs.)
 Holiday (BIRTH but recommended 5 mos. - 2 yrs.)

ABC Music & Me! In-school music! 
 ABC Music & Me (created by Kindermusik) for preschools & schools!  
 (2-4 yrs.) in English or Spanish
 (4-6 yrs.) in English or Spanish

Playground Diplomacy™
 (2-4 yrs.)
 (4-6 yrs.)

Parenting & Teacher/Administrator Training

Conscious Discipline« 

Conscious Discipline by Becky Bailey, Ph.D. at PCU's Tracey Kretzer, CCDI   

   Conscious Discipline LIVE! 7/8-hour video series
   Ten Principles of Positive/Conscious Discipline (link to class)
   Becoming Brain Smart

   Preventing Power Struggles™
   Setting Limits without Guilt™
   Family/Teacher Conscious Discipline Game Night! 
   Family/Teacher Conscious Discipline Make-n-Take! NEW!

Signing Smart™
   Signing Smart™ Parent Workshop
   Signing Smart™ Infant/Toddler Teacher Workshop

Dunstan Baby Language

The Happiest Baby/Toddler on the Block

Playground Diplomacy™

Dr. Sears'L.E.A.N.(Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, Nutrition) 
Dr. Sears' LEAN Programs: LIfestyle, Exercise, Attitude & Nutrition at PCU& Dr. Sears' LEAN Programs: LIfestyle, Exercise, Attitude & Nutrition at PCU
♥ & MORE!

Need help? Give us a call to find the best class for you/your child at (571) 643-1002 or (888) 703-4PC▄ or simply e-mail us at We also offer Parent Coaching and Birthday Party Entertainment! We look forward to seeing you in class!

Wishing you well,

"Miss" Tracey  :)   

Parent Child University, LLC
Miss Tracey at Becky Bailey's Conscious Discipline Training!
"Miss Tracey" Kretzer, MS, LPSC, CCDI, Founder & CEO of Parent Child U, LLC




Parent Child U Presents Kindermusik (0-7 years)

1 Fr*ee 
Book your child's Parent Child ▄ Birthday Party!
THEMES: Pirates and/or Princesses, Trains, Balls, Animals, Sports, Dogs,
Monkeys, Water Play, and MORE!   
Birthday packages include 40-45 minutes of music, movement, ASL, instrument-play, parachute-play, story time, as well as 6 birthday bags (including a CD, book, instrument or prop, and preview class coupon). We even throw in a gift for the birthday boy/girl! Packages start at $175 (which includes 6 party bags and a birthday gift!) - an incredible deal in the DC area! Plus, a HUGE time saver; party planning, travel, entertainment, and bag prep run 3-4 hours for PCU. Dates fill up fast.
 Reserve your date today to ensure your child's Parent Child ▄ Birthday Party experience!
Offer Expires: September 1, 2011 for booking
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