Parent Child University
July & August f n!
Falls Church Rec: Classes Start 6/27 & 7/30 & 8/1
Arlington Rec: 6/30 & 7/9 & 7/10 & 7/25 & 8/7 & 8/13 & 8/14
Also available to come out to your home, office, playgroup, or school!
             NEW! Toll Free Phone & Fax: (888) 703-4PCU
Mobile Office: (571) 643-1002 Offering: Parenting Classes for Parents, Enrichment Classes for Childen, and fUn for all!
Classes for Parents; Classes for Children
& fUn for all!
Serving the Greater DC area since 2005.
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an eggshaker, CD or other musical gift for
yourself or your friend!
"America's Pediatrician,"
Dr. William Sears,
Launches his
L.E.A.N. Programs
Attitude &
Seminars for all
Parents &
Child Care Providers!
Dr. Sears' LEAN (Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude & Nutrition)

Come learn how to help prevent N.D.D. Nutrition Deficit Disorder (the title of his latest book)
  and have fUn eating healthy snacks, playing movement games, and sharing recipes with other families under the guidance of a
trained Dr. Sears' LEAN Coach.

Come Learn:

  • How to make brainy breakfasts your child will actually eat.
  • How much protein your child should eat & how!
  • Why water is so00 important!
  • Why children do NOT need a fat-free diet, but a correct-fat diet!
  • So MUCH more!

Classes run 2 hours a  night for 3 sessions. Host your own home party LEAN classes and your class is fr*ee. Friends & Family cost is $75- includes LEAN Start Guide, lecture & facilitated discussion, and healthy snacks.

Educational certificates given.

Call (571) 643-1002 to schedule your class at your home, office, school, or playgroup today!

Tracey Kretzer & Signing Smart Beginner Moms S09 
Kindermusik Village (Birth - 1.5 yrs.) 3 of 7 babies in our spring class enrolled.
TWIN DISOUNT of $10 in all PCU classes!

"Tessa loves listening to the CD in the car and recites Shoe Fly Pie along with it.  I wanted to buy the book, but couldn't remember where to go to find it.  I went to the ParentChildU website" and found your Kindermusik link 30-80% off link to purchase it.  "See you on Saturday - Tessa LOVES your class!!!!"

Deborah Kassoff, Spring 2009
ABC Music & Me (2-4 yrs.) Mom
of 2 year-old Tessa.

Signing Smart
Parent Workshop

Presented by
Tracey Kretzer, M.S.

Fairlington Home
Arlington, VA 22206

Tuesday, 7/21
6:30-9:00 p.m.

Learn how to sign with your baby or toddler in just seconds a day!
A steal at
$35 + $16 for the book!
Signing Smart ASL for babies and toddlers "BIRD"

The National Institute of Health (NIH)
showed that babies & toddlers who were signed to as children had an average of 12 point higher IQ by age 8!

Click here:
PCU Baby Signs CRY instead of CRYING!

Register TODAY by calling
(703) 228-4747
Details online &
(571) 643-1002  or (888) 703-4PCU

Kindermusik no charge demonstration classes!

FR*EE Demos
at ANY of our ongoing classes!

FRE*E Kindermusik CD or egg shaker to all participants who have never taken a Kindermusik or ABC Music & Me class.

E-mail: or
(888) 703-4PCU
 or simply just come!

Just Ask About Our
 Make-up Policy!
Sundays - Fall '09 

  Mornings,  afternoons, evenings, weekends...

ANY Class type during the
Season you are registered!

This provides a
HUGE true cost savings when you can really attend the 3-4-5-7-9 classes you've paid for!
Greetings Parent Child families,

Come SAVE $5 off your home materials this summer at our summer classes that still have spots in them! You have our "instructor permission" to ALWAYS join our classes in progress. However, many classes start THIS week:
  • Signing Smart Beginner (5mos. - 2 yrs.) Thursday 7/9: 5:30-6:20 (Fairlington)
  • Kindermusik Village (0-1.5 yrs.) 9:45 Fri., 7/10, or 11:30 Sat. 7/11 (Fairlington)
  • Kindermusik Our Time (16 mos. - 3 yrs.) 10:30 Tues. 6/30, 10:45 Fri. 7/10, or 10:30 Sat. 7/11  
  • ABC Music & Me (2-4 yrs.) 10:30 Sat. 6/27-has only met once due to the 4th (Falls Church Rec Center)  
  • Kindermusik Young Child (4 - 7 yrs.) 9:20-10:30 Sat. 7/25 (Fairlington)
  • Signing Smart Zoo (5 mos - 2 yrs.) 10:00 Thurs. 7/30 or 9:30 or 10:30 Sat. 8/1
  • Parent Movie Night with optional ABC Music & Me child care for 3-6 yrs. 8/7 (Walter Reed Rec. Center)
  • Loving Guidance: I Love You Rituals, A (0-4 yrs.)  Fri. 8/14 & Sat. 8/15 both at 9:30 & 10:30.
  • Dr. Sears' LEAN program - schedule your own today!
  • Dr. Becky Bailey's Conscious Discipline or Positive Discipline - schedule your own today!
FULL details on our Classes page at Be sure to check out our NEW Calendar icon to make finding classes & make-ups easier!

As always, if you miss any class, you are encouraged to make it up at ANY of our other classes over the whole summer! We even have a NEW make-up scheduler and calendar icon to help you! Please check out our full class list at - Classes page or talk to your instructor directly at (888) 703-4PCU.

We have a variety of research-based classes & 5 teachers to choose from:

Conscious Discipline:
* I Love You Rituals (A) (0-4 yrs.) Music & Movement class based on Dr.Becky Bailey's book by the same name.
* I Love You Rituals (B) (0-5 yrs.)

Village (Birth - 16/18 mos.)
Sign & Sing (6 mos. -  3 yrs.)
Our Time (16/18 mos. - 4 for summer!)
Imagine That (3-5 yrs.)
Young Child (4-7 years) NEW!
Family Time (Birth - 5 years ; 5 and older  and under 6 mos. are FR*EE! with registered sibling)

Signing Smart:
Beginner (5 mos. - 2 yrs.)
Intermediate (walking - 2 yrs.)
ZOO (5 mos. - 2 yrs.)

(2-4 yrs.) in English or Spanish
(4-6 yrs.) in English or Spanish

Playground Diplomacy™
(2-4 yrs.)
(4-6 yrs.)

Parenting & Teacher/Administrator Trainings:
Conscious Discipline NEW!
Positive Discipline
Preventing Power Struggles NEW!
Signing Smart Parent Workshop
Signing Smart Teacher Workshop
Dunstan Baby Language (coming soon!)
The Happiest Baby/Toddler on the Block

Playground Diplomacy™
STEP: 6-12

STEP: Teen
National Effective Parenting Initiative
Dr. Sear's L.E.A.N. (Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude & Nutrition) NEW!

Please call us to discuss the best class and teacher to fit you and your child's needs at (571) 643-1002 (888) 703-4PCU or e-mail We also offer parent coaching ($25 first houw & $35 an hour after) and birthday party entertainment. Please feel free to pop into our ongoing classes as your fr*ee preview class. We look forward to seeing you and yours soon!

Wishing you well,
The Parent Child U Team:

Tracey Kretzer, M.S., Founder & Educator
Laura Daub, M.Ed. Signing Smart Educator
Ryann Laden, M.Ed., NCC  Parent Educator
Lee Roberts, M.A., NCC    Parent Educator
Cindy Rigoli, ABC Music & Me
Parenting Movie Night &
Optional ABC Class Childcare
for 3-6 year-olds

Parents of preschoolers - teens are welcome!

Presented by:
Tracey Kretzer & Ryann Laden
6:30-8:30 p.m.
Walter Reed Recreation Center
2900 S. 16th St., Arlington, VA 22204

Call (888) 703-4PCU for details
& (703) 228-4747 to register!

Conscious Discipline

Teacher & Administrator
Parent Sessions

Book one session for
August - December and receive one this
July for FR*EE!

Limited spots expected to book fast at: Preschools,
Elmentary Schools,
Child Care Centers, Mom's  Groups, Homes & Offices!
Based on: Becky Bailey, Ph.D.'s work &
Presented by
Tracey Kretzer, M.S., in training for her Certified Conscious Discipline Instructor License hopefully his August!
2 Fr*ee 
Book your child's Parent Child U Birthday Party!
THEMES: Pirates and/or Princesses, Trains, Balls, Animals, Sports, Dogs, and MORE! 
Birthday packages include 40-45 minutes of music, movement, ASL, instrument-play, parachute-play, story time, as well as 8 birthday bags (including a CD, book, instrument or prop, and preview class coupon). We even throw in a gift for the birthday boy/girl! Packages start at $150 (which includes 8 party bags and a birthday gift!) - an incredible deal in the DC area! Plus, a HUGE time saver; party planning, travel, entertainment, and bag prep run 3-4 hours for PCU. Dates fill up fast. Reserve your date today to ensure your child's Parent Child U Birthday Party experience!
Offer Expires: July 31, 2009 for booking
Mother of a Fallen Soldier -
Help Ginny GO BIG!

Click above to see her video.
Ginny at Soldier son's grave

"As a mother, I am devastated by the loss of my son. As an educator, I know there are measures we can take to ensure another mother will not needlessly suffer the same loss."

"Bart's story is not as unique as we would like to think. The Army reports that soldier suicides are up 22% from 2007 to 2008. Bart's mother, Ginny, wants to end the cycle of violence by seeing that every military family receives the specialized emotional training they need to cope with the unique stress of deployment and demands of a soldier's life. Bart's motto was
'GO BIG or go home,'
and now, so is Ginny's."
Parent Child U Presents Kindermusik (0-7 years)