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Winter fUn!
Registration Begins 12/18 at 8 a.m.
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yourself or your friend! Offering: Parenting Classes for Parents, Enrichment Classes for Childen, and fUn for all!
Classes for Parents; Classes for Children
& fUn for all!
Serving the Greater DC area since 2005.
Kindermusik holiday 20%-80% off by mentioning Tracey Kretzer at Parent Child U!
Spots fill fast for this vepular event  for 0-5 year-olds!

FREE PCU Book Club
and Parenting Class:
I Love You Rituals
by Becky Bailey, Ph.D.

Shirlington Library
 7:30-8:45 p.m.

It is not necessary to have read the book to benefit from our discussion and demonstrations :).
Certificates will be given to attendees.

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Kindermusik by Parent Child U preview classes are fUn!
"Tracey , I can't thank you enough for coming to Lauren's party and helping her celebrate her birthday. She is still talking about it. We watched the video last night and Victoria was screaming,'Miss Tracey, Miss Tracey!' It wasn't until watching the video, that I realize what you had said, Lauren really did sit right by you and helped with everything!  So cute! Having you here was truly as the commercial says "priceless"....

Mary Beth Cremer
Kindermusik Our Time Mom (x2) of  a 5 year-old, 4 year-old, and 2 year-old. 

Parent Child U demonstration class - music and sign language holiday

 Annual Winter
Holiday Caroling & Demo

Friday, December 19th (Fairlington)
Miss Tracey Kretzer  
 10:45 - 11:30  a.m.

Winter Demos

Friday, January 9th (Fairlington)
"Miss Tracey" Kretzer

Saturday, January 10th (Fairlington)
"Miss Tracey" Kretzer

Saturday, January 10th (Madison)
"Miss Laura" Daub
9:30 - 10:15

Saturday, January 31st (Falls Church)
"Miss Missy" Downing

FREE Kindermusik CD to all registered participants who have never taken a Kindermusik or ABC Music & Me class.

via e-mail/phone.
Just Ask About Our
 Make-up Policy!
AND  Now

  Mornings,  afternoons, evenings, weekends...

This provides a
HUGE true cost savings when you can really attend the 8-10 classes you paid for!

Greetings Parent Child U families,

When times are tough, you know what is really important - spending quality time with friends and family. Of course, we know that you, like we, are closely evaluating how you spend your time and money.  We at Parent Child U believe strongly that our programs provide benefits to your child that will last a lifetime, and research has proven it!  (Just recall the connection to Kindermusik and literacy shared at or the NIH study where babies and toddlers who signed have an average of 12 point higher IQ by age 8)!

We feel that there is incredible value in the home materials which extend your Parent Child U experience to seven days per week for years to come, and that the money you invest in quality class-time with your child each week is priceless! Our educators are dedicated to you and your child, and work hard to bring the world of music and early childhood development into your lives each and every week. Here are just a few things to keep in mind as you make your decisions this winter:

  1. Give back to your community this winter - Choose a community center class! Our community centers are wonderful places, funded by our tax dollars, full of our neighbors and future friends. A large percentage of your class fee is funneled directly back into our community funds. The more communities have, the less they will need to raise elsewhere!
  2. A variety of research-based classes to choose from -Parent Child U has a wide variety of parent-child and parenting/teacher training classes to choose from; 8 and 8 in fact! You are sure to find the right match for you and your child! This term we offer: Kindermusik: Village (Birth - 16/18 mos.), Our Time (16/18 mos. - 3 yrs.), Imagine That (3-5 yrs.) and Family Time (Birth - 5 years ; 5 and older and under 6 mos. are FREE!); Signing Smart: Beginner (5 mos. - 2 yrs.), and Intermediate (walking - 2 yrs.); ABC Music & Me (2-4 yrs) in English or Spanish, and Playground Diplomacy™ (2-4, or 4-6 yrs.). Parenting classes include: Positive Discipline, Signing Smart Parent Workshop, Signing Smart Teacher Workshop, The Happiest Baby/Toddler on the Block, Playground Diplomacy™, STEP: 6-12, STEP: Teen, the National Effective Parenting Initiative (NEPI), and MORE!
  3. Availability - We offer morning, evening, and weekend classes to reach all working :) families! Currently we offer classes Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon/evenings; Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday mornings, and even Sunday afternoons! Additional classes available upon request.
  4. Make- up Classes Are Encouraged! We have an incredibly generous make-up class policy! So, if you miss a class for any reason, you are more than welcome to come to any of our PCU parent-child classes that term! This could be like getting 8 different classes for one price!
  5. F ree Preview Classes - We encourage you try out our classes first and/or bring your friends and family to class with you, so they may experience the magic of child enrichment with parent education for themselves.  In turn, you choose a free Kindermusik CD or other musical gift to keep or share!
  6. Referral Rewards - We like to thank families who sing our praises with gifts and tuition reductions!
  7. Grandparents LOVE us!  Many grandparents relish the opportunity to pay for child enrichment classes as a quality, educational experience for their grandchildren and often attend too!  We are happy to provide you with a letter, that you can customize and either e-mail or mail to Grandma/Grandpa (or aunts and uncles, etc.) for the holiday season. If you are interested, we can even offer you a wrapped gift certificate and "Best of Kindermusik" CD for under their (or your) tree at reduced rates!  If you'd like to receive this letter as an attachment, simply let us know by e-mail (hard copies will be available at classes next week as well)!  Let your relatives know, too, of the tangible gift - in the home materials - your child will use each week that will be directly attributable to them (i.e. "Grandma gave me this book or CD....")!
In times like these, it's important to relish the things that really matter and quality time spent in relationships with you and your children rank at the top of our list.  Thank you for sharing your precious children with us and for YOUR commitment to a gift which will last a lifetime! 

The Parent Child U Team Wishes You & Yours Well,

Tracey Kretzer, M.S.,              PCU Founder & Lead Educator
Laura Daub, M.Ed.                   Signing Smart Educator
Ryann Laden, M.Ed., NCC     Parent Educator
Lee Roberts, M.A., NCC         Parent Educator
Missy Downing                          ABC Music & Me Educator
Beth Monard                              ABC Music & Me (Spanish)

Thank you to the 250 families we have reached this year!

Miss Tracey attends Kindermusik Convention in NC, Nov. 2008 Continuing Education is a priority at PCU!
Kindermusik Educators "Miss Tracey" Kretzer and Grace Chang attend the Annual Kindermusik Convention & 30 Year Birthday Celebration  Raileigh, NC November 5th - 9th.

Miss Ryann, Parent Educator, NCC, with baby
"Miss Ryann" Laden, M.Ed., PCU Parent Educator takes a break from her STEP: 6-12 DHS parenting class prep.

Laura Daub in a Signing Smart Intermediate class by Parent Child U
"Miss Laura" Daub, M.Ed. with 4 of our 6 Signing Smart Intermediate "graduates" and Signing Simon!

DC Baby 2008 holiday deal - link from PCU

A quote from DC Baby...

"Parent Child University was founded by local mama and longtime child advocate and parent educator Tracey Kretzer, MS, LPSC, a.k.a. "Miss Tracey..."
We first got to know Tracey shortly after  the publication of the first edition of this book, and she struck us as a professional truly dedicated to the wellbeing of local children and parents. We've been impressed with her dedication to early childhood and parenting enrichment in the DC area, and have been pleased to watch Parent Child University grow and thrive..."

Sarah K. Masterson,
 DC Baby, 2nd Edition (2008)

Buy one to keep and one to share

Parent Child U Presents Kindermusik (0-7 years)

Book your child's Parent Child U Birthday Party!
Birthday packages include 45 minutes of music, movement, ASL, instrument-play, parachute-play, story time, as well as 8 birthday bags (including a CD, book, instrument or prop, and preview class coupon). We even throw in a gift for the birthday boy/girl! Packages start at $150 (which includes 8 party bags!) - an incredible deal in the DC area! Plus, a HUGE time saver; party planning, travel, entertainment, and bag prep run 3-4 hours for PCU. Dates fill up fast. Reserve your date today to ensure your child's Parent Child U Birthday Party experience!
Offer Expires: December 31, 2008 for booking