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Classes for Parents,
Classes for Children,
and fUn for all!
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14 month old noticing a FROG or something DIRTY!
Typically developing, hearing children usually start combining words into 2-word sentences between 18-24 months old. See here a 5-word signed sentence of a  
Signing Smart & Sign & Sing
12-month old
Parent Child U baby!
Positive Discipline 
I can't remember if you told me about her or not, but I am reading a Becky Bailey book called Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline that is based on positive discipline and loving guidance, a concept she calls
Conscious Discipline, and reminds me so much of you!  Thank goodness you got me started on my positive parenting journey because I can't tell you how much I enjoy being an INFORMED parent - I wouldn't have it any other way!
-  Lisa Bartley, M.Ed.,
Elementary School Teacher
Sign & Sing PCU Mom
Expectant Parent &
Mom of a 2 1/2 year-old.  Birthday Party - FUN & affordable!
Parent Child U
Birthday Parties -
Affordable & FUN!
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Classes fill fast!
Greeting from Parent Child U!
Does it feel like you need a degree to raise your child these days? We are here to help! Parent Child U has a ton of FUN and learning in store for you and your friends this summer! Classes start in June or July or August.
Come get out of the heat this summer at PCU! Explore the 3, 5 or 6 week classes that are best for your child by 
age, location, or type. View class candids and yearbook photos. See a video of class or join us for one of our ongoing classes or demos. We can also come out to your school, playgroup, or office. We look forward to seeing you in class! 
Read, Rhyme, Sing & Sign...all the time! S
Miss Tracey & the PCU Team

The PCU Team:  Miss Laura (Signing Smart Educator), Miss Tracey (PCU Founder & Lead Educator), Miss Ryann (Parent Educator)

 Village (0-1.5 yrs.)          Parent-Child
 Our Time (1.5-3 yrs.)       Parent-Child
 Imagine That (3-5 yrs.)     Child & for  
   the last 15 minutes, Parent-Child/ren 
 Family Time (0-7 yrs.)       Parent-Child
 Sign & Sing (6 mos.-3 yrs)  Parent Child
 Zoo (6 mos.- 2 yrs. )       Parent-Child 
 Beginner (6 mos.-2 yrs.)    Parent-Child
 Intermediate (1-2 yrs.)    Parent-Child 
 Holiday (6 mos.- 3 yrs)     Parent-Child
Preschool (2-4 yrs.)         Child or
School-age (4-6 yrs.)       Child
 Young (2.5-5 yrs.)         Parent-Child
 Practicing (5-8 yrs.)       Child
 4-6 grade girl after-school program
 4-6 grade boy/girl after-school program
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Birthday packages include 30-45 minutes of music, movement, ASL, instrument-play, parachute-play, story time, as well as 8 birthday bags (including a CD, book, instrument or prop, and preview class coupon). We even throw in a gift for the birthday boy/girl! Packages start at $150 - an incredible deal in the DC area! Dates fill up fast. Reserve your date today to ensure your child's Parent Child U Birthday Party experience!
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