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Farewell to LorraineLorraine


After 35 years (!) we were sorry to see Lorraine leave our employ, but all good things must come to an end. We deeply appreciate her devoted service and wish her all the best in her retirement.


Introducing Diane & Denise


We are pleased to announce that we recently hired new support staff in our offices. These additions will make your dealings with us easier and more efficient.


We are a bit late in officially welcoming Diane Lopes (standing in photo) as she started back in April of 2011.


You will often hear Diane's cheerful voice when you call, but her primary responsibility is keeping our books in order. She is responsible for all financial aspects of the business including receivables, payables, payroll, and all financial statements. She also schedules jobs and works with insurance companies to arrange payment.


Denise Doyon has been with us since the beginning of this year. Denise is your primary contact as she handles all initial customer calls and questions. She sets up Jim's appraisal appointments, enters estimates, deals with insurance agents and adjusters, completes estimates, and bills out jobs.


Denise has a thorough understanding of our trade. She began as a disaster restoration cleaning technician in 1994 and worked her way up to office manager and estimator. As an estimator she toured job sites, estimated the scope of the losses, and wrote up what needed to be done. When you speak with her about your disaster she fully grasps your needs.   

Lorraine's Party
Some of our crew at Lorraine's
retirement party.

Do You Have Too Much Stuff?


We recently had to attend to a sewer leak that backed up into a basement that was overstuffed with possessions.


If you tend to keep too much stuff around, you must consider storing it properly so it can be retrieved in case of a disaster. Large plastic bins with tight-fitting lids should be employed. Better yet, go through your stuff periodically to determine what you really "need" to keep and toss or donate the rest.


Talk About Bad Luck


While our customer was in the hospital the home furnace blew up. Soot was spewed all over the house for three days before the disaster was discovered.

 More Stuff

Due to recent deaths in the family the home was cluttered with additional belongings awaiting consideration and disposal. Our entire crew worked hard to make the home pleasant for the patient to return to once again.

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June 2012


Jim Paradise

Jim Paradise, Owner of PC&R supervises every single job


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NRF House 

"We use Paradise every year to clean out the windmill at Prescott Farm and they helped with a recovery project in one of our houses that suffered a severe fire. We call them whenever we have a project that requires more than just your normal cleaning/scrubbing and certainly recommend them. They are thorough, professional, very responsive and nice folks."


-Newport Restoration Foundation





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