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The air in your home (or business) may be more polluted than outdoor air!


Why?   Biological Pollutants.  


Biological pollutants are (or were) living organisms. They travel through the air and are often invisible. They promote poor indoor air quality and can damage surfaces.


Two conditions are essential to support biological growth: nutrients and moisture.


These conditions can be found in bathrooms, damp basements, wet appliances (such as humidifiers or air conditioners), and even carpets and furniture.


Common indoor biological pollutants include:

  • Animal Dander (minute scales from hair, feathers, or skin)
  • Dust Mite and Cockroach parts
  • Infectious agents (bacteria or viruses)
  • Pollen

 Where Biological Pollutants may be found in the home:

  1. Air conditioners
  2. Humidifiers and/or dehumidifiers
  3. Bathroom without vents or windows
  4. Kitchen without vents or windows
  5. Refrigerator drip pans
  6. Laundry room with unvented dryer
  7. Unventilated attic
  8. Carpet on damp basement floor
  9. Bedding
  10. Closet on outside wall
  11. Heating/air conditioning system
  12. Dogs or cats can track them in
  13. Water damaged surfaces 

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