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Who Ya Gonna Call? 

With nearly 40 years in the business of disaster restoration and an owner that supervises every single job, you can be sure that we will get your job done right.


Big enough to handle the job.

Small enough to care that it's done right.


That's not just our marketing slogan, it's how we do business!


Of course you've seen lots of creative ads on television for the franchise outfits, but the people who actually handle your job may not have the needed experience. Are you willing to take that chance?


Here is an example of the lengths we regularly go to for our customers, because we understand what they are going through after disaster strikes.


Due to a water leak, the living room ceiling had fallen down on top of the couch. The hardwood flooring in the living room and kitchen was buckled. Mold had started to grow everywhere.


We immediately removed the wood floors and the second floor carpeting. Water was trapped under the plywood subfloor because the house was built on a cement slab. We cut that out and removed it. In the process we witnessed mold already forming on the bottom of that plywood.


We cut access holes in the interior walls so they could be thoroughly dried inside. We also removed one section of lower cabinets in the kitchen after removing and sorting the contents.


The furnace was out and could not be immediately repaired so we hooked up our mobile heating unit to keep the house warm. This heat, plus the use of our professional grade dehumidifiers dried things out thoroughly, which saved the homeowner substantial money on repairs.


Would a less experienced crew have known exactly what needed to be done?


Mold and Water Damage - Make Sure You're Covered


Few people are aware of the limitations of their flood insurance coverage for mold and water damage. Now is the time to check your policy to determine if the coverage includes mold that forms from moisture or if it must be a result of water damage. Both may be covered, but as separate claims.


Occasionally we find that some flood insurance policies do not cover damage to a finished basement beyond the furnace, hot water heater, and electrical system. This could include damage to walls, rugs and contents.


If you don't have a full understanding of your coverage, consider meeting with your agent before disaster strikes.


Note: Mold often develops when a home that sustains water damage is not properly dried out. Opening the windows is not the solution and may actually worsen the problem. If you're not sure what to do, give us a call and we will analyze the situation and advise accordingly.


If you would like Jim to do a personal inspection at your home call him today: 401 849-6644.

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Jim Paradise

Jim Paradise

Ask Jim

Q: Our furnace backed up and caused smoke damage throughout our home. The bedroom doors were closed, does that mean the smoke did not get in there?


A: Unfortunately, smoke can easily enter from around and under the door, as well as under the walls and through plumbing openings in the floor. This room needs to be checked and properly cleaned for smoke damage, a service we can easily provide.


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