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Grateful Homeowners
Barbara and Robert Hughes suffered a terrible flooding disaster that required a total gutting of their beautiful home. They were so pleased with how the Paradise crew handled their restoration that they provided this incredible video testimonial.

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Listen to Jim Paradise on the Radio


Here are some tips Jim Paradise provided on realtor Genny Croll's radio show about getting your home ready for fall before the weather gets too chilly.


Jim provides some great suggestions, from knowing where your main water shut off valve is, to changing washing machine hoses, and inspecting gutters.


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What to do After Disaster Strikes


We have all seen plenty of disaster preparedness lists, but here's one to help you AFTER something terrible occurs. Hurricane Irene turned out to be pretty mild, but the next one could be much worse.


Download handy tips for cleaning up after a hurricane, fire, water damage, or other disaster.


FALL 2011

Jim Paradise

Jim Paradise

Ask Jim

Q: What can we do about our humid basement? 


A: See and hear Jim answer this question on this video clip: 


 Jim Paradise 1.m4v


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