SUMMER 2010  

Paradise Crew Assists Hundreds of Flood Victims 
Most Rhode Islanders will remember the "Great Flood of 2010" for many years...we certainly will!
Our phone rang off the hook! 
Between 500 and 1,000 phone calls from people needing help came through our switchboard. Our crew worked day and night for 40 days...and then some, to assist as many as possible. It's all a blur by now, but here are a few examples of what we faced. 
Twice is NOT nice
This client called us the first time because an earlier rain storm had flooded his finished basement. We extracted the water from the carpet, set up drying equipment, and applied a mold preventive. Soon after we finished this work the great flood occurred and worse water damage resulted. We tried to extracted the water, but new water Flooded Basementfrom a high ground water level replaced it as fast as we pumped so we had to wait until the level receded. We then went back and dried out the basement again. We also provided some recommendations on how they could prevent this from occurring again.
Third times a charm
This family was in the process of buying a home that was flooded. When their gutters filled up and over flowed, the water came ran right down their walls into the basement. Besides pumping them out three times, we provided advice about improvements they could make, such as sloping the yard away from the foundation, to alleviate the problem. 
Three wet weeks
One customer had water that continued to come into his basement for three weeks straight. During that time we pumped it out 4 times. We stayed in contact with them nearly every day to stay on top of the situation. When we were finally done he said that working with us was like having a friend that cared for them with their best interest at heart.
An awful stench
One night in Swansea a man standing in front of his home, which was completely surrounded by water, welcomed us with a big smile. When we entered the house an awful odor immediately hit us. The heavy odor was methane gas from sewage that was backing up into his basement from his septic tank. Since everything was completely under water, pumping anything was impossible at that time. Three weeks later he called again and we emptied and discarded the contents of his basement before disinfecting and drying it out.  
A clogged drain is the culprit
Another job came in from a customer we had worked for a few years back. The cause of her water damage was from a drain in an outside stairwell that leads into a finished basement that frequently clogs. During the great flood event she could not find a sump pump to buy anywhere so we lent her one of ours so she could pump as necessary.
Assisting Those in Need 

Every year the Newport County Board of Realtors selects a homeowner who needs important work done but can not afford it.
This year's home had many needs. The one which we got involved with was a leak in the kitchen wall. Upon inspection a break in the main sewage pipe was discovered. This had caused sewage to flow down the wall into the basement for some time. We cleaned and disinfected all the affected areas and dried everything out.
When the local heating company, who was donating a new furnace, was hooking up the system they noticed that the duct work was filthy. We vacuumed the registers and thoroughly cleaned inside all the duct work so that the air going though the system would be clean.
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What can we do to prevent water from coming into our home?
Inspect the way the ground all around your foundation is sloped. It must be pitched away from the house to prevent gutter overflow from running towards and under your foundation. Also make sure that all down spouts run at least a few feet away from the house. Have any foundation or basement floor cracks repaired. Install a sump pump and add insurance coverage for pump failure.
If you see mold or smell odors in your home your problems are not over as things are still damp and need to be properly dehumidified and treated. If you can't see the problem, it may be inside a wall, in which case you should have someone inspect the wall by carefully cutting it open.


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Client Testimonial
"During the flood of 2010 I received severe water damage to my home. Within a few hours of my first call, the people at Paradise went to work. Jim's  profession-alism and dedication are sincere. His technicians are equally professional and extremely knowledgeable. My experience with Paradise made a horrific situation a lot easier. I recommend them highly!" 
          - Corey Centracchio
             West Warwick, RI 


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