WINTER 2010  

Creating Healthy Homes - One at a Time

Professional testing confirmed active mold in the basement and second floor of this Little Compton home. Jim Paradise assessed the situation and developed a plan to mitigate the problem.
First, a negative air machine was installed to pull airborne mold spores from the house. The mold was painstakingly removed manually and an anti microbial agent applied to help prevent new mold from growing. Basement humidity levels were measured and found to be at dangerously high levels. If not dealt with, mold would continue to be a problem. Two layers of old ceiling insulation exacerbated the problem while also providing warm housing for mice that created a messy, smelly situation.
With respirators on, the Paradise crew carefully detached the old insulation, placing it in plastic bags for removal from the building. They then applied a disinfectant and washed all the ceilings and walls. Professional grade dryers were used to thoroughly dry out the basement space.
This basement was unusual as it had three sections, two of which had foundation installed over and around very large boulders and all of which had dirt or gravel floors. This type of basement allows moisture from the ground water below to permeate and rise up into the living area, which results in high humidity levels. 
 Sealed Basement
Jim Paradise measured the entire basement space, which required crawling into several small spaces, to determine how much reinforced vapor barrier material they needed to seal off the bare ground. These measurements also helped determine what size dehumidifier need to be installed to keep the basement permanently dry. The vapor barrier and dehumidifier were installed and an anti microbial agent was applied to all basement surfaces. 
This homeowner is now living in a cleaner, drier, and healthier environment.
When is it good to be negative? 

When you need a negative air machine. 
Basement SewageA few weeks ago, a homeowner called Paradise about water with an awful odor in her basement. Turns out the water was sewage leaking from an improperly installed pipe.
The Paradise crew advised the homeowner not to use any sinks or toilets and began the messy cleanup. Protective clothing and respirators were donned and an antimicrobial product was applied to all surfaces. The water was extracted and a negative air machine was installed in the basement window. This machine pulled all the contaminated air from the house while the plumbers repaired the pipe. The Paradise crew also removed all the items from the basement, cleaned the cement walls and floors with hot high-pressured water and specialized cleaner, and then set-up high capacity drying equipment to thoroughly dry out the basement.
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Client Testimonial
"I wanted to say thank you very much for all of your help, Jim.  You were terrific and really made this terrible situation bearable for us."
                                                - Colleen Hopkins

Could my home be harming my health?
YES. Moisture can be the primary culprit and incompetent efforts will not resolve the problem. We have learned a lot about creating healthy indoor environments through 37 years of experience in disaster cleanup and restoration. We apply that extensive knowledge to every home or business we work on.
Damp indoor environments are associated with such health problems as colds, flu, joint pain, allergies and more. If you keep your house dry it will help kill germs and prevent them from growing. Much of the dampness comes up from the basement where nearly half the air you breathe in your home comes from. We check humidity levels and if they are high, or there is a persistent odor, we measure the basement and fit it with a correctly sized dehumidifier. We also check all surfaces (walls, floors, ceilings, etc.) for mold and clean and sanitize as necessary. An anti microbial agent will then be applied to prevent future mold growth.
If you have a hot air heating system we can clean your air ducts and replace dirty filters.
What are some steps I can take to make my home healthier?
Here are a few simple suggestions:
1) Change vacuum cleaner bags at least once a month.
2) Change air conditioner and heating system filters often (they should be white, not gray or black).  
3) When choosing new carpeting, select one with low volatile, organic compounds (VOC).
4) Paint used should also be low or no VOC products.
5) Vacuum often to reduce dust mites and pet dander.
6) Have your carpets professionally cleaned twice a year.
7) Use cleaning products made from safe, natural, nontoxic ingredients.  


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