FALL 2009  

Mold Brings Health Risks Into Your Home
These health risks are due to enzymes called mycotoxins that mold microorganisms generate whenever they break down organic material into nutrients that they consume as food. 
House HandsToxins are released into the air as a means to proliferate. These toxins can cause infections, skin irritations, nausea, and serious diseases, particularly to humans with weak immune systems and respiratory problems. 
It is imperative that effective mold remediation techniques are applied within two days of exposure to water damage. Studies show that mold infestations start after this period so it is wise to begin mold removal or prevention immediately.
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Client Testimonial
"Finally our condo is completely safe and clear of toxic mold. Your company was with us every step of the way. Your professionalism and attention to detail helped Jeanne and I get through this difficult situation."
                                                               - Dan Meucci
Paradise Cleans Up After Home Fire

Following the recommendation from a local fire fighter, a distraught homeowner called us the day after her house caught fire in Newport. Work began by clearing hazardous debris left in the yard and proceeded inside with water removal, dehumidification, and the tearing down of walls and ceilings heavily damaged by smoke and water.
The homeowner was pleased with the immediate attention and concern paid to her personal property. 
Cleaning Woman 
We hear a lot about "green cleaning," but  where do we start?
Here are a few tips:

1) Use cleaning products made from safe, natural, non-toxic ingredients.

2) Avoid room deodorizers or other air freshening products because they frequently contain unhealthy chemicals.
3) Do NOT use aerosol products to avoid inhaling droplets of chemicals that can remain suspended in the air for hours.
4) Use chlorine-free dishwasher detergent to prevent releasing the easily vaporized chlorine chemicals  into the air your breath.
5) Dust with a damp mop to ensure that dust, which can collect toxins, is removed and not stirred back into the air.
6) Replace your disposable wipes, sponges and paper towels with some good old-fashioned rags.
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