Disaster Prevention Tip Sheet

FALL 2008  

Paradise Saves Home Structure & Belongings 
The heat went off while these home owners were away for the winter. So much water damage resulted that contractors said that the house needed to be completed gutted and most of the contents discarded. 
WaterDamagedHouseThe Paradise Disaster Restoration crew was able to restore much of the structure and many of the contents.
First, the damage was stabilized and the salvageable contents removed, cleaned, and dried. The mold on the walls and ceilings was eradicated and a mildew preventative applied to all surfaces. Since the house was without heat, Paradise brought in a mobile furnace and dried everything out.
These efforts results in more than half of everything being saved!

Client Testimonial
We used paradise about 13 yrs ago to restore our basement after water damaged it. Unfortunately we needed their service again recently and the quality of service is the same today as it was then. Thank you for responding so quickly and for taking care of our basement again.     
                                                - Lizette Jenkins
After the Disaster - Now What? PuppyFace
Over the next few months we will be covering some of the issues and questions that arise after a disaster strikes. 
Your insurance policy entitles you to employ the services of a reputable, fully licensed and insured repair firm such as Paradise Disaster Restoration. If you do not employ such a firm, you may be responsible for the consequences.
You are not required to accept the lowest bidder either. Repair rates should correspond to prevailing standards in your area for work of professional quality. You should contract a firm such as PDR with sufficient experience and stability in the community to stand behind its work and warranty.
Ensure the best service by hiring the locally owned company with over 34 years in the business - Paradise Disaster Restoration!  
About Disaster Restoration
You recently eradicated mold from my attic. Will it come back?
It should not. After we removed all traces of the mold we treated all the surfaces in your attic with a powerful mold preventive that will stop the mold from returning.
 Attic mold before
Attic mold after
Mold doesn't seem to show as much in the winter. Does that mean it has died?
NO. Since heated houses in our area are often very dry during the winter months, mold problems do seem to subside. However, as soon as the humidity rises when we open the windows in the spring, the mold will grow rapidly.
The sooner you treat the problem, the healthier your home and family will be.  
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